How Ugg proved the haters wrong and became one of the most popular shoe brands


Ugg Boots

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People hate Uggs, yet they are still very popular.

Uggs - you love them or you hate them. There's good chance you (or someone you know) wore a pair of the iconic boots at some point.

But many fashion critics have wanted the brand to fail, Racked reports in a detailed profile of the brand by Chavie Lieber.

In 2012, sales for Uggs parent group Deckers Outdoor dipped, Racked reports, pointing to a Guardian story from that year that declared, "Ugg boots are over - the fashion world rejoices."


That same year, Style Blazer wondered why Uggs wouldn't just go away.

"These Australian sheepskin boots made their way stateside years ago and we were sure they were just a phase, but some ladies refuse to pack them away. We know they're comfortable, but they're so damn ugly!" The website bemoaned.

Yet shortly after, sales jumped up again - even if the shoes are often widely mocked.


As footwear expert Megan Cleary told Racked, "Ugg is a brand that is never going to die."

Ugg has managed to stay relevant - and ubiquitous - by being comfortable, rather than fashionable.


Still, Ugg wants to be fashionable. The brand has been focusing on selling its products in upscale stores, rather than simply anwyhere, Racked reports. This summer, Ugg debuted a sleeker boot style, proving that it was ready to compete in the luxury market.

Additionally, Racked points out the Australian retailer has expanded its offerings to more than just boots - there's a wide array of footwear, as well as a smattering of winter accessories, like ear muffs. The brand is also expanding into the outerwear sector for 2017, brand president Dave Powers told Racked.

The brand also plans to go after the men's market, Racked reports. "Twenty-five percent of women have a pair of Ugg boots in their closet - that's an amazing statistic ... But of those women, most don't go for a second pair, so it only makes sense for Ugg to go after the men's market. They need that sector," fashion consultant Lockie Andrews told Racked.


Deckers will report its second quarter earnings for fiscal 2016 on Thursday, October 29.

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