Huge employment opportunities in India, need to impart right skills and training: Vishal Sikka at WEF

A new WEF study warned a net loss of over five million jobs in next five years due to the fourth industrial revolution. Though India has huge employment opportunities, there is a need to impart right skills and training, IT giant Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka said.

Speaking at a session on 'The Promise of Progress' on the job market impact of the fourth industrial revolution, Sikka said there would certainly be disruptions but the new technology would not necessarily create imbalances if right kind of education, connectivity and training is provided to the people.

"Do we prepare people for where the world is going to be? We need to impart skills. There has to be disruptions. It should be about what the world is going to be and not what the world used to be," he said.

Sikka dismissed suggestions that the new technology and connectivity would create imbalances.

"If we take a longer and deeper view, the more people have access to jobs, there is more likelihood that the imbalances will go away," he said.

Noting that connectivity has to be viewed as a human right, he said, "if we equip people in the right way, there is no need to worry".

"I am convinced the longer term solution in education, connectivity and creating right skills. What we need to do is promote entrepreneurship and put in place right kind of policies," the Infosys chief added.

(Image credits: indiatimes)
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