Hyperloop One asks Indians to identify the first busy route where it can bring ultra-fast transportation system


Hyperloop One has big plans to transform the future of transportation and at a media event in Delhi last week, the company had revealed that it was in talks with the government to bring ultra-fast transportation to India.

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In a country that might become the most populated country in the near future, the decision can prove to be crucial.
The pending decision by the Indian government will be made before the end of the year, according to reports. If the plan does go ahead, the company wants to source a large number of components locally, which would be a boon to the Indian economy.

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The US-based company hosted a global design competition that received 2,600 registrants in five months and Of the 35 semifinalists announced in January, five proposals came from India, for India.

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To infer which route makes the most sense, the company has opened up a poll on its Facebook page asking respondents which India route they would prefer the most. The five proposed routes are: