I checked out 2 shows at the biggest art event in New York - here were the highlights



Forrest Almasi/Business Insider

Reflective surfaces and neon text were everywhere.

Armory Week is the art-world equivalent of Fashion Week, Sundance, or South By Southwest. The event, which just wrapped up in New York City, takes its name from the Armory Show art fair, though there are several other independently run art fairs happening at the same time.


These fairs function like trade shows for art galleries. A bunch of galleries from around the globe exhibit under one roof and try to sell their best new works to collectors that might otherwise not see them. They're annual destination events for art professionals, tote bag enthusiasts, and well-to-do collectors.

Each fair is a little different. I checked out NADA - a non-profit focused on art done by emerging artists and presented by new dealers - and the titular Armory Show, one of the highest-attended art fairs in the world. Here's what I saw.