I traveled for a month with only two pairs of underwear - and it's because I found the perfect pair

I traveled for a month with only two pairs of underwear - and it's because I found the perfect pair

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These are the only underwear you should be buying at this point.

  • I travel often, usually carrying only a small backpack and packing lightly.
  • The only underwear I carry these days is travelwear brand ExOfficio's Give-N-Go boxers.
  • The boxers are lightweight, durable, and can be washed and dried in a matter of hours, making them the perfect travel companion.

I'm the kind of person that likes to travel light. Really light. Usually when I head out on vacation, I make it a game with myself to see how little I can pack.

Last year, when I took off a few weeks to visit Mexico and Cuba, I narrowed down everything to a small hiking daypack that doubles as a camera bag.

The only reason I was able to pull that off was because I had recently discovered travel wear clothing brand ExOfficio's Give-N-Go boxers. The underwear, which retails for $26 (or $16-18 on sale), isn't cheap for a single undergarment, but I have found that it's undoubtedly worth it.


The underwear is made of a nylon/lycra mesh fabric that is somehow durable, breezy, and comfortable. The mesh is surprisingly soft and light and dries quickly.

In fact, that's what makes it such an incredible piece of travel wear. You can wash it in the sink at the end of the day with a little detergent (or hand soap if you're short), hang it to dry, and in a few hours its ready to go.

It's also treated to reduce odors, which is key when you are spending your day hiking or running around a city.

On that trip to Mexico and Cuba, I ended up bringing two pairs so I could switch off - giving each a wash every other day - but I could have easily just brought one. A bonus: Because the fabric is mesh and dries quickly, it can double as a swimsuit in a pinch; as it did for me on a hike in the Sierra Norte Mountains.

At this point, I wouldn't travel without it.