I had ₹50,000 to set up my room and here are the options I got from IKEA, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder

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  • A millennial’s take on how to set up a room for ₹50,000 with options from IKEA, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder.
  • I decided to invest in a little bit of commitment towards my house by buying furniture.
  • And here are the best deals I managed to grab from India’s leading online furniture retailers.
If you are a millennial like me, who suffers from commitment issues, not just in relationships – welcome to the nomad life. When you are unable to live in a city for more than 2-3 years and hate being locked down, there comes an incessant need to pack up and move.

Living the nomad life, you move in and out of rented apartments, refusing to invest in ‘permanent house’ furniture. In times of uncertainty, you have a certain bond with brokers and that one one lady who you have never met but you order home cooked food from.

This has been my life for the past 9 years. But now, that I have grown up (read: realised I’m growing older), I decided to invest in a little bit of commitment towards my house, before I do it in a relationship.

So, I set up a budget of ₹50,000 to buy a bed with a mattress, wardrobe, study table and a chair. Yes, ₹50,000, I said I have grown old, not rich.

As every other millennial, getting out of my house to buy things would be blasphemy, so I turned to the holy shrine – the world wide web. Here are the options I gathered from IKEA, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder.


Now, this can be a tricky one. The bed you choose seems to define your well, ahem, dating life. A single bed means you are happy to be forever alone, you do you girl! (no pun intended). A king size bed makes way for a committed relationship, while a queen size bed settles comfortably somewhere between the well, ‘we are dating but let’s see where this goes’ phase.

So yes, I decided to go for a wooden (or anything that looks wooden) queen size bed with storage to also hide my baggage (pun intended).

IKEA: ₹20,990
Pepperfry: ₹14,249 (On sale)
Urban Ladder ₹16,499

While I would go for the Pepperfry option, however without the on sale price, Urban Ladder would be a better option.

However, if you would rather go for a metal bed frame, there were some pretty inexpensive options. Pepperfry has one for ₹6,999, IKEA for ₹11,990. Or you can even opt for a wooden bed without storage for anywhere between ₹10,000-12,000 from Pepperfry or Urban Ladder. Mattresses

Mattresses are a tough one to decide without checking them out personally, but IKEA gave pretty good options under ₹4,000, while the starting price at PF was ₹5,000 and at UL it was ₹7,000.

Hej, Ikea for mattresses!


We have already made that clear, I have a lot of baggage so yes lots of storage is necessary. A 3-door wardrobe was what I always wanted.

Ikea: ₹7,990 on sale, real price was ₹13,490
Pepper Fry: ₹11,592 on sale, real ₹21,897
Urban Ladder: ₹19,999

If you are a sale hogger like me, head to Pepperfry. But if it’s not discounted, the Urban Ladder option would be a better pick for its sturdy look with an attached mirror.

Study table

Let’s just pretend that I actually use a sit table and don’t just lie on the bed with my laptop, okay? That’s why I needed a study table to sit and write, and maybe restart that blog I abandoned years ago.

Pepperfry: ₹4,155 on sale.
Urban Ladder: Great sturdy one for ₹6,999
IKEA: A desk for ₹4,990Pepperfry is the winner for its sale prices, but if you aren’t really going to end up using the study table, the IKEA one would be a practical choice.


There’s no way I’m going to use a plastic chair for when my imaginary friends visit and I need more space. An accent chair would be a perfect finish to the room.

While Pepperfry offered a lot more when it comes to variety and sale prices, Urban Ladder won this one with its accent chairs that will act as a colour pop to break the monotony in a room. While IKEA didn’t have a lot of options for colourful accent chairs, this one particular one caught my attention.


With great sale offers, I’m done with ₹39,426. However, if the discounted prices aren’t on offer, I will be overshooting my budget with the total coming up to ₹50,738.
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