In the hiring season, here's how Amazon tried to woo potential students at IIT-Madras

In the hiring season, here's how Amazon tried to woo potential students at IIT-MadrasIn the hiring season at IITs, e-commerce giant Amazon was seen selling itself hard to potential candidates at IIT-Madras.

Seth Dallaire, Vice-President, Global Advertising Sales at Amazon was seen giving advice and passing knowledge to students. He spoke of Amazon's business and the need for bright, young minds to join the company so they can realize bigger plans.

“We need intellectual athletes like you to build the business and make it larger. Your career path will take different twists and turns in the company. Whether it is in advertising or cloud computing, Amazon has diverse offerings,” he said, in a panel discussion on ‘Innovation at Amazon; Expect the Unexpected in Career Growth’, organised by Industrial Public Relations & EML at IIT-Madras.


Joining him in the panel was Srinivas Gudanti, the Director of Global Advertising Sales at Amazon. Gudanti said - “Intellectual athleticism that you guys have with lots of skills and knowledge can help Amazon do amazing things. Customer obsession is the focus at the US e-commerce giant Amazon. Everything that Amazon does starts with customers first and this is an important principle at Amazon."

Explaining why customer experience is considered paramount, he said - "The company is not worried about competition. Kindle is an example of customer delight. It enables people to read books digitally. For Amazon, offering customers a better experience is paramount. And, if there an area that will help improve customer experience, Amazon will enter that whether it is in hardware or software or content creation."

At Amazon, it is all about ownership and it is there at every level. “You own the business, the process and take it one step ahead. As an owner, it makes the employees think creatively, and think very different things, and not wait for orders or ideas or instructions. It you’re your creative ides flow and cool things happen,” he aded.

Amazon has globally 3 lakh employees. Last year alone, the company added 80,000 employees and there is opening for another 90,000 globally. It seems Amazon is going all out to inspire and hire from the best pool of talent.