India is the second most-plagued country by spam calls, says Truecaller

  • India the second most affected country by spam calls in 2018.
  • While the overall numbers were not disclosed, an average Indian user received nearly 22 spam calls a month.
  • Nearly 90% of the calls were from operators or telecom service providers for promoting their services or products.
From relentless requests to apply for credits cards to promoting an unknown product, spam calls have been troubling mobile users in India for years now. Such unwanted calls aren’t just annoying, they also expose users to risks of financial scams.

An average Indian user was bugged by 22.3 spam calls a month making India the second most affected country by spam calls in 2018, said an annual report from mobile ID recognition app, Truecaller.

Speaking about the sources of these calls, the report pointed out that most of the calls received by Indians were from operators and telecom service providers who would brag about their services and recent offers.

However, in total, the average number of spam calls registered in India has declined by 1.5% in comparison to the previous year.

While the report did not reveal the total number of calls received by the whole country but it did say that “volume-wise, India receives the most spam calls in the world,”

The Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) has earlier tried to resolve the problem by introducing a new set of rules including penalty and taking user’s permission prior to making such calls. TRAI has also introduced the Do-Not-Disturb for mobile users.

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