All Migrant workers coming to Uttar Pradesh to be quarantined

All Migrant workers coming to Uttar Pradesh to be quarantined
All migrant workers coming into Uttar Pradesh, will be required to quarantine.

The state government has set up centres in 56 districts where migrant workers are first tested and then those who have no facility to quarantine at home, will be kept in these centres for two weeks.

Similarly, the government has also ramped up surveillance at airports, railway stations and bus stops. Those with symptoms are being tested while others are being asked to quarantine at home.

"No separate directions have been given to those returning from the Haridwar Kumbh. Directions have been given to screen all passengers and then isolate them, as need be. Those who can safely isolate at home will be asked to do so," said a government spokesman.

He said that all migrant workers will be required to undergo an RT-PCR test. This test is being carried out in all districts. The arriving people are being identified by 'nigrani samitis' and will take the test before isolating themselves.

After 14 days of monitoring in isolation centres, these migrants will be sent home by buses of the State Transport Corporation.


Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed officials to prepare a list of beneficiaries who may be given ₹ 1,000 per month as sustenance allowance. The government has given a similar allowance to migrant workers, street vendors, pensioners, among others, last year too.

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