Arunachal Pradesh has one case of Coronavirus with 25 other people who were at Nizamuddin testing negative

Health workers enter in the six storied building of Nizamuddin mosque to to sanitise it, after people who attended the religious congregation at Tabligh-e-Jamaat's Markaz, tested postive for COVID-19BCCL

  • The Arunachal Pradesh government has asked citizens to show solidarity and maintain social distancing in the 'war' against Coronavirus in the state.
  • So far, the state only has one positive case of Coronavirus of a man who attended the religious congregation at Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin.
  • 25 other people who attended the event have tested negative so far.
  • The border district of Ruksin which connects to Assam was put under curfew to restrict movement.
The Arunachal Pradesh government has asked the state's citizens to maintain solidarity in the 'war' against Coronavirus in India. The stated reported its first case of Coronavirus on April 2 of a man who attended the religious congregation at Delhi’s Markaz Taghlib Jamaat at Hazrat Nizamuddin. According to health officials, the swab samples of the other 25 people who were at the event have tested negative.

As most of the country battled against Coronavirus, the state had remained untouched till now.

As precautionary measure, the Ruksin area has been placed under curfew to restrict the movement of people between Arunchal Pradesh and Assam. The latter has reported 25 Coronavirus cases so far, most of which are linked to the Nizamuddin hotspot.

The state was on high alert as early as March 7 when it banned the entry of foreigners, especially since it shares a border with China. Arunachal Pradesh has a rapid response teams in place at district and state levels to contain the spread. Isolation wards at hospitals are also in place at Papum Pare, Namsai, Tirap, West Kameng and East Sian districts.


They also send a team of doctors to Delhi to learn the best practices of how to manage the virus. According to the health and family welfare minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Alo Libang, there were check points set up at bus stations, railways stops and airports.

The Nizamuddin Coronavirus outbreak spreads across the country
According to officials, at least 3,000 people attended the two day event held from March 13 to March 15 — some from countries where the Coronavirus pandemic had already been reported like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The fall out from the event has hit Tamil Nadu and Telangana the hardest. So far, 190 new cases have emerged in Tamil Nadu of people who attended the event and Telangana has reported nine deaths of guests who were present.


Delhi, which is at the center of all this, has evacuated 2,361 people living in the area. According to deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, 617 with symptoms have been taken to hospital to remain in isolation and the others are under quarantine.

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