WHO publishes important tips for pregnant women-new mothers during novel Coronavirus outbreak

WHO publishes important tips for pregnant women-new mothers during novel Coronavirus outbreak

  • Every segment of the international community is becoming highly conscious and worried of the coronavirus outbreak.

  • The impending health emergency has raised several questions among the general public and the pivotal organizations like WHO, are coming up with mass education programmes.

  • If you are a pregnant woman, what are the dos and don’ts during coronavirus outbreak – here are a few important tips by the WHO in Q&A format.
The Coronavirus outbreak has made many people nervous of its effect. And, pregnant women are much more worried about it. Here are a few important tips from the WHO on do’s and don’ts for pregnant women.

Is COVID-19 risk more or less in pregnant women?

Not enough research has been done in these lines to answer this question correctly. However, due to many changes in their bodies and immune systems, like in many other cases, pregnant women could be more vulnerable to respiratory infections. It is hence necessary for them to exercise great caution.

What are the precautions for pregnant women to stay protected against COVID-19?

The precautions issued for the general public holds good for pregnant women too to prevent contacting COVID-19. Some of them include washing hands with soap and water very often, social distancing, avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth. Covering sneezes and coughs. Also, following the directions issued by the local health authorities.

Should I go for COVID-19 testing as a pregnant woman?

The testing protocols for COVID-19 differ based on where you live. However, if you have some symptoms of COVID-19 infection, it is advisable that you get yourself thoroughly tested for the infection. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you will need specialized care.

Can I pass the COVID-19 infection from me to my baby?

There have not been enough studies so far to prove whether or not a pregnant woman can pass on the disease from her to the baby growing in the fetus. Till date, there have not been any samples of the virus in the amniotic fluid or breast milk.

If I am diagnosed with COVID-19, can I breastfeed my baby?

If you prefer breastfeeding your baby, you can do so by practicing some precautionary measures like practicing respiratory hygiene, wearing a mask, washing hands before and after handling the baby, cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces you have touched in a routine manner.

Can I touch and handle my baby if I am diagnosed with COVID-19

You certainly need to give the care that your baby duly deserves. While breastfeeding your baby, follow safe-precautions and ensure respiratory hygiene. Share a room with your baby and hold the infant skin-to-skin. It is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your baby and keep the surfaces in the vicinity as clean as possible.

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