COVID-19: Telangana makes wearing mask outside compulsory

Hyderabad, Apr 10 (): The Telangana government hasmade wearing a mask covering nose and mouth compulsory whengoing out and while interacting with others, a Government Memosaid while stating that some people do not show COVID-19symptoms despite being positive of the virus.

"The earlier advisory on "Masks only for the sick" isbeing updated with "Mask on while stepping outdoors, inenclosed spaces and while interacting with others."

This update is based on the latest learnings from themedical and scientific community.

Studies in Japan have shown that "Mask on" has slowedthe spread of coronavirus considerably.Advertisement

This revision of advice is based on the learnings thata large number of infected people do not show any symptoms-asymptomatic, but still carriers of the infection and caninfect others," the note issued on Thursday by the Health,Medical and Family Welfare Department said.

The "Mask on" will prevent the droplets from escapingand potentially infecting others.

The note suggested that home-made cotton double layerreusable masks are recommended for the use as the first lineof protection.

All offices and workplaces may be encouraged to usemasks by all the employees at all times.

Masks should be used by all frontline workers while onduty, the note added.Telangana has 414 active cases of coronavirus and iscurrently under lockdown. GDK SS