World Homeopathy Day: Here are a few popular myths about Homeopathy

  • April 10 is celebrated as the World Homeopathy Day.

  • Homeopathy is a popular alternative medicine system.

  • Here are a few myths about homeopathy busted and some amazing facts about this system.
Today millions of people around the world use homeopathy while hundreds of thousands of practitioners promote this alternative system of medicine. Homeopathy is believed to be effective against diseases like diarrhea, respiratory infections, malaria, asthma, arthritis, allergies, dengue, H1N1, influenza and others.

Here are a few myths busted and a few interesting facts about homeopathy.

Myth-1: Homeopathic medicines take a long time to remedy the illness


Homeopathic remedies are not slow. The speed at which homeopathic medicines work depend on the stage at which the patient is presented for the treatment. The earlier the patient undergoes the treatment, the quicker is the cure. Chronic diseases naturally take some time to get cured.

Myth-2: Homeopathy is not effective in acute illnesses

Homeopathy can cure acute cases of fevers, colds, vomiting, diarrhea and others and can show immediate relief. The system might not be able to help much with medical emergencies that require immediate hospitalization.


Myth-3: Homeopathy medicines contain steroids and heavy metals

There is no place for steroids in homeopathy. All the sources used for preparing the medicines in the homeopathic system undergo a lengthy process of potentisation and trituration. It means that there won’t even be a trace of crude metal element in it.

Myth-4: One cannot use homeopathy along with the conventional system of medicine


About 60% of the patients seeking homeopathic remedies already use conventional medicines for some common ailments like hypertension, diabetes, IHD and others. In some cases, the homeopathic practitioners advise time interval between two medicines.

Myth-5: Homeopathy always aggravates the disease while starting the treatment

When homeopathic medicines are given for chronic cases, the choice of remedies will be based on the condition of the disease and the susceptibility of the patient. Hence unwanted aggravations are always avoided. In some cases when the patients approach homeopathy after undergoing some suppressive treatments, homeopathy medicines might bring them to surface while attempting to cure the disease. This is known as homeopathic aggravation which will automatically disappear during the course of the treatment.


Myth-6: Homeopathy can be an alternative for surgical procedures

Homeopathy is never an alternative for surgical procedure. Homeopathy has its own limitations in treating surgical conditions. Such cases have to be treated by surgery only.

Myth-7: Homeopathy does not diagnose or investigate before treating a disease

Like any other system of medicine, homeopathy also needs a thorough diagnosis and investigation before a treatment can start.