Here’s the complete flight schedule from United States to India under Vande Bharat Mission phase 5

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  • India will operate 65 repatriation flights under the Vande Bharat mission phase 5 from Newark, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, New York and other US cities.
  • Here’s the complete schedule for Vande Bharat Mission phase 5 from the United States to India.
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India will operate 65 repatriation flights from the United States to India under the Vande Bharat mission phase 5 from August 1 to August 31.

Under phase 5, the government has scheduled flights that will connect India to the USA, Canada, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Singapore, UK, Frankfurt, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, New Zealand, Philippines & more.

Till now, the government has repatriated over 8 lakh Indians in 2,694 flights.


Here’s the complete schedule for Vande Bharat Mission phase 5 from United States to India:

No.Flight No.OriginDestinationDep DateDep Time
1AI 144NewarkMumbai1-Aug-2012:05
2AI 126ChicagoDelhi1-Aug-2012:00
3AI 104Washington DCDelhi2-Aug-2011:15
4AI 102New YorkDelhi2-Aug-2012:30
5AI 174San FranciscoDelhi2-Aug-2010:30
6AI 144NewarkMumbai4-Aug-2012:05
7AI 126ChicagoDelhi4-Aug-2012:00
8AI 104Washington DCDelhi5-Aug-2011:15
9AI 102New YorkDelhi5-Aug-2012:30
10AI 174San FranciscoDelhi5-Aug-2010:30
11AI 144NewarkMumbai6-Aug-2012:05
12AI 126ChicagoDelhi6-Aug-2012:00
13AI 104Washington DCDelhi7-Aug-2011:15
14AI 102New YorkDelhi7-Aug-2012:30
15AI 174San FranciscoDelhi7-Aug-2010:30
16AI 144NewarkMumbai8-Aug-2012:05
17AI 126ChicagoDelhi8-Aug-2012:00
18AI 104Washington DCDelhi9-Aug-2011:15
19AI 102New YorkDelhi9-Aug-2012:30
20AI 174San FranciscoDelhi9-Aug-2010:30
21AI 144NewarkMumbai11-Aug-2012:05
22AI 126ChicagoDelhi11-Aug-2012:00
23AI 104Washington DCDelhi12-Aug-2011:15
24AI 102New YorkDelhi12-Aug-2012:30
25AI 174San FranciscoDelhi12-Aug-2010:30
26AI 144NewarkMumbai13-Aug-2012:05
27AI 126ChicagoDelhi13-Aug-2012:00
28AI 104Washington DCDelhi14-Aug-2011:15
29AI 102New YorkDelhi14-Aug-2012:30
30AI 174San FranciscoDelhi14-Aug-2010:30
31AI 144NewarkMumbai15-Aug-2012:05
32AI 126ChicagoDelhi15-Aug-2012:00
33AI 104Washington DCDelhi16-Aug-2011:15
34AI 102New YorkDelhi16-Aug-2012:30
35AI 174San FranciscoDelhi16-Aug-2010:30
36AI 144NewarkMumbai18-Aug-2012:05
37AI 126ChicagoDelhi18-Aug-2012:00
38AI 104Washington DCDelhi19-Aug-2011:15
39AI 102New YorkDelhi19-Aug-2012:30
40AI 174San FranciscoDelhi19-Aug-2010:30
41AI 144NewarkMumbai20-Aug-2012:05
42AI 126ChicagoDelhi20-Aug-2012:00
43AI 104Washington DCDelhi21-Aug-2011:15
44AI 102New YorkDelhi21-Aug-2012:30
45AI 174San FranciscoDelhi21-Aug-2010:30
46AI 144NewarkMumbai22-Aug-2012:05
47AI 126ChicagoDelhi22-Aug-2012:00
48AI 104Washington DCDelhi23-Aug-2011:15
49AI 102New YorkDelhi23-Aug-2012:30
50AI 174San FranciscoDelhi23-Aug-2010:30
51AI 144NewarkMumbai25-Aug-2012:05
52AI 126ChicagoDelhi25-Aug-2012:00
53AI 104Washington DCDelhi26-Aug-2011:15
54AI 102New YorkDelhi26-Aug-2012:30
55AI 174San FranciscoDelhi26-Aug-2010:30
56AI 144NewarkMumbai27-Aug-2012:05
57AI 126ChicagoDelhi27-Aug-2012:00
58AI 104Washington DCDelhi28-Aug-2011:15
59AI 102New YorkDelhi28-Aug-2012:30
60AI 174San FranciscoDelhi28-Aug-2010:30
61AI 144NewarkMumbai29-Aug-2012:05
62AI 126ChicagoDelhi29-Aug-2012:00
63AI 104Washington DCDelhi30-Aug-2011:15
64AI 102New YorkDelhi30-Aug-2012:30
65AI 174San FranciscoDelhi30-Aug-2010:30

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Aside from Air India, SpiceJet is the only other carrier allowed to operate flights to and from US