Spending ₹75,000 on an order to buying groceries worth ₹16.6 lakh, here’s how Indians used Swiggy in 2022

Dec 17, 2022

By: Sourabh Jain

₹16.6 lakh worth of groceries

It may be hard to believe but a Bangalorean spent ₹16.6 lakh on groceries in 2022.

Credit: Canva

Biggest order of the year – ₹75,378 worth of food

Another user from Bengaluru again – spent a whopping ₹75,378 on a single order of food during Diwali.

Credit: Canva

Over ₹70,000 worth of burger and fries

The second biggest order was from Pune, when a user ordered ₹71,229 worth of burgers and fries for his team.

Credit: Canva

Over 1,500 Instamart orders

A user from Gurugram placed 1,542 Instamart orders in 2022, with full-cream milk and instant noodles topping his list.

Credit: Canva

Going organic

Eating healthy is the new trend and this is seen in grocery orders. In 2022, over 50 lakh kilos of organic fruit and vegetables were ordered from Swiggy.

Credit: Canva

Two biryanis every second

The craze for biryanis is so high that Swiggy delivered over two biryanis every second and 137 biryanis a minute.

Credit: Canva

Samosa is the go-to tea-time snack

Samosa was the people’s favorite snack and over 4 million orders were placed by users around the 4 pm mark.

Credit: Canva

India’s love for gulab jamun

India’s love for sweets is well known and this was seen in orders placed – 27 lakh gulab jamun orders, 16 lakh rasmalai orders and 10 lakh choco lava cake orders were placed during 2022.

Credit: Canva

User saves ₹2

A user from Delhi saved ₹2.48 lakh on delivery fees and discounts using Swiggy One membership.

Credit: Canva

Over one lakh new options to choose from

Swiggy added over one lakh restaurants and cloud kitchens onto its platform in 2022 providing its users with a lot more to choose from.

Credit: Canva

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