How to celebrate Diwali without crackers

How to celebrate Diwali without crackers

The tradition of bursting crackers brings so much excitement to Diwali celebrations. Children and elders like crackers alike. While bursting crackers can be a great fund and entertainment, there are some downsides to bursting crackers including air and soil pollution. The loud sounds emanating from the crackers cause serious disturbances to people and animals. The widespread environmental and health hazards connected with the bursting of crackers has led to the government and courts apply some restrictions on the use of crackers and fireworks.

Adverse effects of crackers

Following the severe health hazards posed by the crackers for the residents in Delhi, the Supreme Court has ordered a ban on the sale of firecrackers. This move has received mixed reactions from the public. While we all can know the deadly effects of crackers on the already degenerating air quality, it is time that we take steps to prevent any health issues to this generation before it gets too late. With a creative planning, it is possible to replicate the fun of Diwali without crackers.

Ideas to celebrate Diwali without crackers

Go for short trips


Plan for a short family trip or a get-together with close relatives you have not visited in the near past. This can bring in a lot of fun and also give room to refresh the relationships and bonds that has been robbed of our lives by the modern culture.

Gift someone

Use the money saved from crackers to buy some hand-made gifts or custom gifts to your near and dear ones. Gifts are a great way to make people happy. By gifting someone, you can make yourself happier than bursting crackers.

Floral decorations and patterns in lamps

Make attractive rangolis with family. This can give vent to your creative ideas and projecting the artists buried deep inside you. Arrange lamps in different patterns and geometrical designs. Lamps that are lit and arranged in different ways can add light, great looks and a sense of auspiciousness around.

Do some charity

Gift some sweets, clothes, toys or books to underprivileged children. Let the Diwali bring them happiness and cheers. Charity is in fact given a great importance in our religious tradition. Our scriptures say charity done during festivals bring added merits.

Go gaming

Diwali holiday can be used to play with family and friends. Give up the mobiles and digital gadgets for a day and commit yourself to spend them time together with family and groups. Since group games have disappeared from us, Diwali can be used to play team games with the family, friends, communities, and neighbors.

Organize feasts

Cook some delicious dishes and invite people to partake it with you. Sharing food with others can be great fun and can also bring in a lot of fulfilment and happiness. If possible, donate food to underprivileged ones.

Concluding remarks

By giving up crackers during Diwali, you are celebrating a greener Diwali giving your bit to the environment. While you get to save a lot of money, the amount you saved without buying crackers can be used for some other useful and interesting things connected with the festival. Diwali without crackers also means a safe Diwali with fewer accidents and health hazards.