India is one of the few Asian countries where Covid-19 cases are rising

India is one of the few Asian countries where Covid-19 cases are rising
  • India is one of the four Asian countries to have witnessed over 25,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  • Even as the extended lockdown comes to an end, India is witnessing a rise in a number of cases and deaths every day.
  • Singapore — an island with 5.7 million people — yet another country after India and China to have witnessed a sharp increase in coronavirus cases.

India is now one of the most Covid-19 countries in Asia. It is one of the four Asian countries with over 25,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The other three being China, Turkey and Iran.

All other countries like Bhutan, and Nepal are least affected with fewer number of cases are coming to light on a per-day basis. In fact, China is adding ten or fewer cases per day. India, however, is showing an increasing trend, in spite of the fact that it’s testing less.

India has reported 27,892 total coronavirus cases out of which 20,835 are active and 872 succumbed to it.Health authorities, however, say that the recovery rate increased over the past few days.

Another country where Covid-19 cases saw a sharp increase, is Singapore — an island with 5.7 million people. It reported 931 fresh cases on April 26 alone. Last week, Singapore extended its partial lockdown by four weeks to June 1, to contain the virus.

Top 10 Asian countries with most coronavirus cases
CountryTotal Covid-19 Cases
Saudi Arabia17,522
South Korea10738



Some other countries with more than 7,000 coronavirus cases include UAE, Qatar, Indonesia and the Philippines. Among these countries, Indonesia is witnessing a record number of deaths due to coronavirus. So far, it has reported 743 deaths due to coronavirus, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is facing backlash for not imposing a lockdown.

Wuhan’s China and Vietnam reports no coronavirus case

However, there are a few countries where the epidemic seems to be ebbing. China’s Wuhan province, which was initially the epicenter, claims to have no coronavirus patients in its hospitals. Since it was the origin of the pandemic, Wuhan reported as much as 84% of China’s total deaths.

China placed Wuhan under lockdown for 77 days from January 23 to April 8. Even though the authorities lifted the lockdown, it still has a few restrictions in place.

Whereas Vietnam, a country of 97 million people, was among the first in the world to re-open itself after it reported no deaths due to coronavirus. The country also says that it hasn’t witnessed a single case since April 16.

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