List of countries that saw most internet shutdowns in 2021

Apr 29, 2022

By: Rahul Verma

Access Now

According to a report released by digital rights advocacy group Access Now, India saw the highest number of internet shutdowns for reasons ranging from curbing protests to counter-terrorism.

Credit: Access-Now

Worldwide impact

Data states that governments across the world imposed 182 Internet shutdowns in 34 countries. This is a slight pickup when compared to 159 shutdowns in 29 countries in 2020. Go through the list of countries with internet shutdowns in the next slides.

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India tops the list

India imposed 106 internet shutdowns in 2021. As per the report, out of 106 shutdowns, 85 were alone reported in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Myanmar imposed the second-highest 15 internet shutdowns. Military seizure and ongoing political conflict are likely to be reasons for internet shutdowns.

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Iran and Sudan

Both of the countries shut down the internet 5 times, the highest number of shutdowns in the Middle-east region. The majority of internet shutdowns took place to quell protests.

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Cuba and Jordan

Cuba saw 4 internet shutdowns amid growing protests and demands for government reform. Jordan cut the internet to stop students from cheating in exams and to stop escalations in military activities.

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Ethiopia and Uganda

Ethiopia saw 3 internet shutdowns to restrict ongoing civil war, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing. Because of civil unrest, Uganda went through 3 internet shutdowns in 2021.

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Impact of internet shutdowns

The internet shutdowns affected the education, healthcare, and business opportunities for the already isolated local groups, during the pandemic.

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Impact of internet shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir

Because of the internet shutdown, the people of Kashmir valley had to spend another year with a shattered internet that affected business growth, education and healthcare system.

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