Modi government is considering extending lockdown beyond April 14

Modi government is considering extending lockdown beyond April 14
  • Several state governments reportedly requested the Central government to extend the nationwide lockdown.
  • The central government is considering the request and leaning towards extending the lockdown.
The central government is reportedly considering extending the 21-day nationwide lockdown as several state governments have requested the centre to extend the lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus.

As per reports, several state governments and experts in the field have suggested extension of the lockdown that is scheduled to end on April 14. As per sources, the Narendra Modi-led government is considering the suggestions.

In the last 24 hours, as many as eight people died and over 350 new cases of infection were discovered, the health ministry said. Added to that, the government believes that India has not yet reached the dreaded stage 3 of the epidemic despite a rapid spurt in cases in the last ten days.

Also, the government identified over 20 infection hotspots across the country and 24 more have the potential to become hotspots.

On April 6, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao during a press conference had revealed that he had requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the lockdown by 2 weeks.


The government's group of ministers on April 7 met at Defense minister Rajnath Singh's residence where the issue of post shutdown scenario came up but no decision was taken on when to end it, as per sources who attended the meeting.

A decision in this regard is expected after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with floor leaders and chief ministers where a common exit plan is to be discussed.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said that health concerns should take precedence over that of economic stabilisation while deciding about the post-lockdown situation. He added that the third week of lockdown, which begins on April 8 will be crucial in deciding the next steps.

Hinting at a possible extension, he urged people to abide by whatever decision is taken and cooperate with the same spirit that has so far been demonstrated even if hardships were to continue after April 14.

Prime Minister Modi had earlier told chief ministers in his last CM conference that it is a 'long drawn battle', something he reiterated on April 6 while he was addressing party cadres on the occasion of the BJP's Foundation Day.

After the press conference with the Prime Minister, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in a Tweet said, “"The Prime Minister said that the State Government should not lift the lockdown immediately from April 15 but it should happen in phases. Precautions should be taken that there is no crowding."

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