A top dating app reveals that Indians prefer ‘good sex’ over ‘same political beliefs’ for a match

  • A survey by OkCupid reveals that Indians prefer having good sex as a parameter for the perfect match. And this overrides differences over political beliefs.
  • Over 7,000 people on OkCupid mentioned space in their dating profile, and people even wanted their wedding venue to be the International Space Station.
  • Game of Thrones and elections were the other top trending topics on the dating app.
Dating apps have a long list of forms and questions that will help you find your soulmate – but it all boils down to one thing – sex.

A year-end survey by OkCupid reveals that Indians prefer good sex as a parameter for a perfect match. And, this overrides any differences over political beliefs.

“Having good sex (86% men and 75% women) is far more important than having similar political beliefs for a good match and happily ever after,” said the report.

Politics was discussed as India was heading for general elections in April.

However, even while 78% of men and 75% of women say that voting is very important to them, a majority of men (64%) and women (62%) don’t enjoy discussing politics.

From Game of Thrones to Chandrayaan – What worked as conversation starters


Conversation starters were different for each month. In January, discussions on OkCupid were around new year resolutions, while February was all about Valentine’s Day. In fact, the survey says that 65% men are more likely to plan a first date than women who are at 50%.

In March, chats steered towards International Women’s day and 80% of users proudly called themselves feminists. It is natural since over 53% women said they would not date someone who isn’t a feminist.

Political conversations took over dating apps in April but when it was the result time, the topic steered to something more important – Game of Thrones finale.

As ISRO was busy making history with Chandrayaan, dating apps too were all about space. Over 7,000 people on OkCupid mentioned space in their dating profile, and the trend was so popular that 60% of men and 59% women wanted to get married at the International Space Station!

And as the year came to end, the users wanted to party. How do Indians want to party? Beer and barbeque!

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