People in HP light 'diyas' on PM's appeal; no immediate report of power tripping

People in HP light 'diyas' on PM's appeal; no immediate report of power tripping
Shimla, April 5 () A cross section of people in Himachal Pradesh switched off their lights and lit 'diyas' at 9 pm on Sunday on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal to express solidarity with the nation's fight against coronavirus.

Despite initial apprehensions, there was no immediate report of power tripping in the state.

In state capital Shimla, the district administration sounded a siren exactly at 9 pm.

People were seen lighting lamps and candles at their doorsteps and balconies.
Bavita Shukla, a resident of Five Benches near Jakhoo in the city, said people here follow PM Modi's directions with full spirit. She lit several candles on the balcony of her house.

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur and his family members lit lamps at his official residence here to demonstrate a collective will to fight coronavirus in the country, an official spokesperson said.

Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj also lit lamps in his house with his family members, he added.

Firecrackers were also burst and people were heard raising slogans in enthusiasm. Some even recited the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, a verse from the Rigveda chanted for one's rejuvenation, while lighting 'diyas'.

The siren was sounded again at 9.09 pm, marking the end of the nine-minute period.In Hamirpur too, people lit 'diyas' and candles on the prime minister's call. Several residents of Anu area burst firecrackers and raised 'Jai Sri Ram' slogans.
PM Modi had on Friday urged people across the country to switch off the lights at their homes and light up lamps, candles or mobile phone torches for nine minutes at 9 pm to display the country's 'collective resolve' to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. DJI IJT

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