A few exemplary citizens of India are showing the rest of country how to practice social distancing in times of coronavirus

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintained social distance at a Union Cabinet Meeting on March 25.
  • At Ahmedabad, several people were seen standing in circles which were a meter apart in front of a grocery store.
  • Social distancing was also observed at shops in Punjab which registered 29 Coronavirus cases till now.

On March 25, India announced a nation-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic that infected 614 and killed 9 so far. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people not to go out of their home and practise social distancing. Police authorities in several parts of India are marking down circles that are a meter apart in front of grocery shops. With no vaccine or cure available, social distancing has become an important part of people’s life across the world.

With social distancing, people isolate themselves and maintain a 6-feet distance. “Strictly implementing social distancing measures like home quarantine will reduce overall expected number of cases by 62% and peak number of cases by 89%, thus 'flattening' the curve and providing more opportunities for interventions, says Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Here’s how India is practising social distancing:

At Ahmedabad, several people were seen standing in circles a meter apart in front of a grocery store

Picture Credit: Vijay Nehra/Twitter

In Ahmedabad, people came out in large numbers during the one-day self-implemented “Janata Curfew”. Twelve new coronavirus cases have been reported in Gujarat, taking the total number of those infected to 30. Out of the new cases, five are those of local transmission, while other patients have a history of travel to Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, France and the UK. But now, the city seems to have woken up to the needs.

In Jammu and Kashmir, police officials were seen educating and enforcing social distancing at medical shops

Picture Credit: J&K Police/Twitter

So far, Jammu and Kashmir recorded seven positive cases. It already announced a lockdown as only essential commodities are available.

Social distancing is also being practiced at shops in Punjab which registered 29 Coronavirus cases
Picture Credit: Swati Lakra IPS/ Twitter

On the first day of curfew, the police registered at least 232 FIRs against people who violated it. As many as 100 people were arrested. Punja b is the first state to impose curfew. However, now they are taking up social distancing to arrest the quickly spreading virus.

Pune, a city with 31 Coronavirus cases, also followed social distancing at grocery shops
Though Modi’s March 24 speech triggered panic buying across the country before midnight, people did follow the principles of social distancing in Pune.

Modi himself practised social distancing at a Union Cabinet Meeting on March 25

Picture Credit: BCCL

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