Pork meat sale banned in Lucknow as swine flu fever spreads

Pork meat sale banned in Lucknow as swine flu fever spreads
The sale of pork meat and related products has been banned in Lucknow following the spread of African swine fever among pigs.

District Magistrate Suryapal Gangwar imposed the ban following confirmation of over 100 pig deaths due to African swine fever by the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Anand Nagar (ICAR-NIHSAD) Bhopal.

The district magistrate has directed the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) and the animal husbandry department to take every step to prevent the spread of this disease among pigs.

He has ordered intensive cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation work in the affected areas on a war-footing.

He also imposed a ban on the movement of pigs in the disease-affected areas, besides prohibiting any type of pig market in the city.


The district magistrate has further asked the LMC to start an awareness campaign for pig farmers to make them aware about the African swine fever.

The authorities have also been directed to ensure treatment of pigs. He has warned against pigs roaming in the open and the farmers have been advised to keep them in enclosures.

Teams of the animal husbandry department and LMC will remain in contact with pig farmers and will help in disinfecting and cleaning areas where pigs are kept.

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