SC slams Nupur Sharma, says her loose tongue set the country on fire

SC slams Nupur Sharma, says her loose tongue set the country on fire
Former BJP leader Nupur SharmaTOI
The Congress on Friday said the Supreme Court has rightly called out suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma for being "single-handedly responsible for igniting emotions across the country" with her remark against the Prophet, and that the ruling party should hang its head in shame. In a statement after the Supreme Court's observations against Sharma, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said the court has strengthened the party's resolve to fight "destructively divisive ideologies".

"The court has very rightly called out the BJP spokesperson for being 'single-handedly responsible for igniting emotions across the country', and that she should apologise to the entire nation," Ramesh said.

"These remarks by the Supreme Court, which resonate with the entire country, should make the party in power hang its head in shame," he also said.

The Supreme Court slammed Sharma for her "disturbing" remark against Prophet Mohammad and said it led to unfortunate incidents and ignited emotions across the country.

Sharma's remark against the Prophet, made during the course of a TV debate, triggered protests across the country and invited sharp reactions from many Gulf countries. The BJP had subsequently suspended her from the party.


Ramesh said the Supreme Court has held a mirror to this government and called out the "base ugliness" of its actions.

"It is no secret that the BJP seeks to profit from inflaming communal passions. Today, the Supreme Court has strengthened the resolve in every single one of us who are fighting these destructively divisive ideologies," the Congress leader.

Ramesh said the Indian National Congress will never cease its fight against "polarising anti-national forces" of all types which plunge the nation into chaos for political gains and let all Indian citizens bear the consequences of their "perverse actions".

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