Singers, cops, mayor take musical route to enforce lockdown

Panaji, Apr 8 () While the coronavirus is spreadingits tentacles across the globe, music has come up as apowerful instrument for several Goans, including singers,policemen and even Panaji mayor, to create awareness about thedisease and the necessity of lockdown.

Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the21-day nationwide lockdown, well-known Goan writer, composerand singer Siddhanath Buyao released online a song in Konkani,titled 'Kitem Zata Te Jav' (whatever happens, let it happen),urging people to stay at home and help fight the coronavirus.

The musician, who is the son of legendary Goan singerlate Ulhas Buyao, told that awareness through music reallyworks in these circumstances.

The popularity of his song prompted many others tocome up with their own catchy numbers for the cause.Advertisement

"People are online and they want to listen tosomething new when they are at home. After my song went viral,Deputy Superintendent of Police Sammy Tavares came up with hisown song," he said.

Tavares has been going around Goan streetsentertaining people with his song.

While Buyao and Tavares are known for their singingcapabilities, a non-singer like Corporation of City of PanajiMayor Uday Madkaikar also got encouraged and for the firsttime lent his voice to song, the video of which went viral onsocial media within a day.

"During a visit to my in-laws place in Margao town ofSouth Goa district, I heard police playing Buyao's song ontheir vehicle to create awareness. I immediately called upBuyao, requesting him to pen another song, and this time Isaid I will be singing it," he revealed.

The song, titled 'China virus corona', was shot inBuyao's studio in Margao and released next day."I was happy to see that the police were playing mysong along with Buyao's on their vehicles during the lockdown,urging people to stay indoors," the mayor said.Advertisement

Deputy Superintendent of Police Uttam Raut Desai alsogot excited to join the cause and composed a song in Konkani.

"My friend and renowned writer Saish Pai Palondikarhelped me to pen the song. I sung it on streets in Mapusa andPanaji. This was my first experience to sing in public and Ienjoyed it," Desai said.

The police officer said the song is being appreciatedby people and it also conveys the desired message.Advertisement

"The message is straight and simple. Keep yourselfsafe, your city safe and then the state and the country safe,he added. RPSGK GK

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