Twitterati now wants Hyderabad police-like ‘justice’ for Unnao rape victim struggling for life after being set ablaze

  • Social media is hailing police in Hyderabad after they shot four rape accused dead in an early morning encounter.
  • The four were accused of raping and burning the body of a 27 year old vet.
  • Social media is hailing police for the ‘action’ and wants similar justice for Unnao rape case.
  • The Unnao victim was attacked and set ablaze by five men as she was on her way to court.
The nation is celebrating the encounter of four rape accused in Hyderabad, like it is a festival. While children are dancing at schools, crackers are being burst and petals are being showered on police. On social media too, the sentiment is pro-police as many of them hailed the act as ‘justice’.

A week back, the city witnessed the gruesome rape of a 27-year-old veterinarian who was later burnt to death. Her body which was found charred on the highway had angered many people, offline and online.


A few people on social media have also gone ahead and sought similar justice in the Unnao rape case. The 17 year old victim has been set ablaze a day back, is still struggling for her life on a ventilator. She was on her way to the court to seek justice in a case after she was raped a year back.

She has suffered 90% burns after five men which also included rape accused who were out on bail, attacked her. Agitated Indians are now demanding Hyderabad police-like justice for this girl too.


While the sentiment is mostly pro-victims on social media and otherwise, a few experts are also questioning the act. The move sparked a debate on the legality, abuse of power by police and human rights as well.

"The rule of law should prevail in the country, there should be an immediate inquiry into the encounter of the accused," said senior advocate Vikas Singh, former president of Supreme Court Bar Association.


Some other Twitter users also found the encounter fishy and are hoping that police had enough evidence against all the accused.

“The whole celebration is based on the fact that police killed four accused who raped and murdered a 27-year old vet in Hyderabad — what if they were innocent people and not rape accused,” wrote a user.