From 95 biryanis per minute to Gaumutra, here’s what Indians ordered on Swiggy in 2019

  • Swiggy’s year end report shows that Indians ordered 95 biryanis per minute.
  • Falooda was the dessert of the year with almost 12 lakh orders in 2019.
  • A Gurugram user used Swiggy Go to order Gaumutra or cow urine.
Indian foodtech Swiggy released its year end report for 2019, and not surprisingly Chicken Biryani was the clear winner of the year.

Indians ordered 95 biryanis per minute on Swiggy which has over 35,056 varieties of the dish, on offer. While the cheapest biryani was available for ₹19, the most expensive one was for ₹1,500.

Beyond biryani, the dessert of the year award went to Falooda with almost 12 lakh orders in 2019. It beat Gulab Jamun and Halwa to wear the crown.


But many Indians also tried their hand at diet, the app says. There was a 306% increase in Keto diet food orders like – Keto brownies, Keto-friendly Tuscan Chicken and red rice poha.

In the beginning of 2019, it launched Swiggy Go by , tying up with local grocery stores for delivery. And the whimsiest of their users is a Gurugram resident who ordered Gaumutra (cow urine).

Other unusual requests include papaya leaves for a dengue patient, an oxygen machine, wigs and temple prasad.

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