From Tamil Nadu to Assam, the Nizamuddin Coronavirus hotspot has infected hundreds and quarantined thousands across India

Men wait in line to be evacuated from the Nizamuddin area BCCL

  • Delhi’s Markaz Taghlib Jamaat is the biggest Coronavirus hotspot in India.
  • The two day religious congregation had led to hundreds being infected across the country.
  • Here’s a full list of how many Coronavirus cases related to the hotspot have turned up in each state.
Delhi’s Markaz Taghlib Jamaat is now India’s biggest hotspot of Coronavirus. The religious congregation that began before any lockdown was in place is now the leading cause of the infection spreading across the country. People in more than half the states nationwide were in attendance. So far, positive cases have turned up in seven of these states — including 10 deaths.

StateSuspected casesCoronavirus casesDeaths
Jammu and Kashmir85501
Tamil Nadu5151900
Andhra Pradesh1,085700
Andaman and Nicobar3390
Uttar Pradesh15700
Madhya Pradesh10700
West Bengal7100
Himachal Pradesh1700

Source: Press conferences by chief ministers and health ministers of respective states


According to official estimates, at least 3,000 people attended the two day event held from March 13 to March 15 — some from countries where the Coronavirus pandemic had already been reported like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Even though the event began before a lockdown was in place, people continued to remain in close quarters at the mosque even after repeated public service announcements.

The first reported death related to the mass religious gathering in Delhi was when a priest in Jammu and Kashmir passed away after testing positive for Coronavirus on March 26. The Telangana government reported six more deaths on March 30. It reported three more casualties yesterday taking the toll to nine — all of whom were present at Markaz Taghlib Jamaat.

Now, state officials all over the country are trying to track down anyone who may have returned from the congregation. Between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, over 2,000 people are estimated to have been in attendance. In Andaman, 10 of nine reported cases of Coronavirus are of people who were in Delhi for the event.

In a massive evacuation exercise, the Delhi government has now moved 2,361 people. Around 617 of them exhibited symptoms and have been admitted into hospitals. The others have been placed under quarantine to watch for developments.

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