Two more cheetah cubs die from 'dehydration and weakness' in Kuno

Two more cheetah cubs die from 'dehydration and weakness' in Kuno
Two cheetah cubs born in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park nearly two months ago died on Thursday due to "sweltering heat and weakness", the official said.

As per the officials, the cubs which were born to a Namibian cheetah on March 24, died from apparent dehydration and weakness within the fenced area housing the mother and cubs.

A female cheetah named Jwala brought from Namibia at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh's Sheopur district, gave birth to four cubs in March this year.

After the death of the cubs, the total number of cubs has now been reduced to one at Kuno Park.

"After the death of one cub, the remaining three cubs and the female cheetah Jwala were monitored continuously throughout the day by wildlife doctors posted in Palpur. Supplemental food was given to the Cheetah Jwala during the day. During monitoring, the condition of the remaining 3 cubs did not seem normal," the official statement said on Thursday.


It further said that the cubs could not be saved despite all medical efforts due to their critical condition.

"It is also worth noting here that the date 23.05.2023 was also the hottest day of this summer season. The day's maximum temperature was around 46-47 degree Celsius. Extremely hot winds and heat waves continued throughout the day. Seeing the unusual condition, the management and the team of wildlife doctors immediately decided to rescue the three cubs and do necessary treatment. 2 cubs were not saved despite all medical efforts due to their critical condition," it further said.

Earlier on May 23 also, a cub died.

Notably, the Union environment ministry had flown in eight cheetahs from Namibia into Kuno in September last year and 12 more from South Africa in February this year as part of the project that seeks to establish clusters of wild cheetahs in India.

Notably, in the past few months, three cheetahs have already died at the National Park, raising fingers at the Kuno management and administration.

A Namibian cheetah died in March from kidney disease, a South African cheetah died in April from an undetermined cause, and a second South African cheetah died earlier this month after being injured by male cheetahs during mating efforts.


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