FASTag Available Now For Free: Where And How To Get One For Your Vehicle

  • Government declares FASTag will be available for free from February 15 to February 29.

  • During this 15-day period, the NHAI has waived the FASTag cost of Rs 100 and gives it for free. The applicable security deposit and the minimum balance of the FASTag wallet will remain unchanged.

  • Here is where and how you can buy FASTag for free.
The government has announced via a press release on February 12 that the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has waived off the FASTag fee of Rs. 100 and will give it for free if you are going to purchase one during the 15-days period from February 15 to February 29. The said move follows the government’s intention to enhance the digital payment of user fee at the national highways toll plazas.

In a statement released on this topic, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said, "In order to further increase digital collection of user fee via FASTags at NH fee plazas, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to waive off the FASTag cost of Rs 100 for NHAI FASTag between February 15 and 29, 2020,"

Earlier between November 22 and December 15, 2019, the government resorted to a similar move to motivate people to switch over to FASTags quickly. The government of India has introduced the FASTag system of toll collection across 527 national highways in the country.


Where to buy FASTag for free

As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the vehicle owners can get FASTag for free by visiting any authorized physical point of sale locations across the country. Hence it is evident that you can buy FASTags from the national highway fee plazas, RTOs, common service centers, petrol pumps, and transport hubs. You can download My FASTag App to locate the nearest NHAI FASTag point of sale point. FASTag helpline number is 1033.

How to buy FASTag for free


To purchase FASTag at your chosen location, you need to produce the valid vehicle Registration Certificate (RC). You will have to pay the security deposit applicable and also the charges to create the minimum balance specified.

About FASTag

The FASTag system launched by the central government during the second half of 2019 is a system that enables automatic deduction of toll charges at the NHAI toll plazas. The system invests in radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically deduct the toll fee. FASTag is linked to the prepaid or savings or current account of the subscriber.


With the FASTag stuck on your vehicle windscreen, you can drive through the toll plazas without having to wait in the long queues to stopover and pay the toll charges.

You can also buy FASTag online from companies like Amazon and PayTM. For account activation online, you will need to pay the one time registration charge of Rs 100. For online recharges, one time convenient fee is also charged.

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said in a statement made last month that the revenue per day through toll collection increased to Rs 87 crore from Rs 68 crore after the Ministry launched the FASTag system on the National Highways.