Indian airports may soon replace security dogs with ‘robotic canines’ that can sniff out bombs and use X-ray vision to scan luggage

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  • India’s Central Industrial Security Force may replace airport security dogs with industrial canines to tighten the security across airports in India, said an ET report.
  • The robotic dogs are reportedly capable of detecting explosives and scanning passenger luggage using an X-ray feature in their eyes.
  • CISF aims to adopt new technologies to battle global threats and the smuggling of gold, drugs and other explosive through air travel.
In an attempt to tighten security at airports in India, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), a nodal security agency, is mulling the use of ‘robotic canines’ that can replace airport security dogs, Economic Times reported.

The factory-built robotic canines can not only detect explosives but also scan the luggage of passengers using an X-Ray feature in their eyes ,said the report citing an official.
The idea of using the robotic canines was introduced when CISF DG Rajesh Ranjan and additional DG M A Ganapathy attended the Global Aviation Security Symposium in Canada earlier this week.

While Indian agencies are dependent on manpower to conduct security checks at the airports, CISF aims to use new technologies that can help in combating the threat to the aviation sector.
Additionally, the CISF also hopes it will be able to detect the smuggling of drugs, golds, and explosives smuggled through unforseen methods.

Most of the developed countries like the US, UK, Japan and Canada make use of robots for several uses.