Infosys is hiring massively in Europe, increasing investments

Infosys is investing and hiring in Europe like never before. The IT conglomerate is also looking to tap into greenfield opportunities in its second largest market.

Infosys, which is yet to see the Brexit impact, is witnessing growth in several sectors in Europe. The European market accounts for more than 22 per cent of its revenues.

"We are continuing to invest fairly heavily in Europe in terms of local hiring, in terms of beefing up our hunting and our farming teams for our accounts," Infosys President and Head (Financial Services) Mohit Joshi said on an investor call.

He added that growth in Europe has been broad-based across all sectors and reasonably spread out.

Joshi, however, did not specify the quantum of investments for Europe.


On Brexit, Joshi said: "If you recollect about a year ago, people had concerns about what impact Brexit, for instance, would have on European technology spending, on our revenues. We have not seen that impact so far."

Europe accounted for 22.4 per cent of the company's USD 2.65 billion (Rs 17,078 crore) revenue during April-June 2017 quarter.