Inside NYC's first 'micro apartment' building, where 60,000 people have applied to live and a 302 square foot market rate unit costs $2,750 a month


Carmel Place NYC Micro Apartment

AP/Julie Jacobson

An example unit at Carmel Place - a 302 square foot space that will rent for $2,750 a month


If you thought New York apartments were tiny before, you haven't seen anything yet. New York City's first "micro apartments" development - known as Carmel Place - is set to open in February, according to the New York Times.

Developer Monadnock Development first put forth the project - then known as My Micro NY - in a design contest held in 2013 by the city of New York. Under city law, dwellings must be no less than 400 square feet, but Carmel Place's 55 units - which received special permission from then-mayor Michael Bloomberg - will range from 260 to 360 square feet. The smaller end of that range is nearly half the size of the average studio in Manhattan, which currently sits at 550 square feet, according to a report by Douglas Elliman as noted by the New York Times.

Mondanock was allowed to build his microunits partially as a city experiment, and partially to satisfy the ever-growing demand for affordable housing - allowing the first modular prefab constructed building in New York City to rise in the Manhattan neighborhood of Kip's Bay.

Here's what they're like inside.