Inside the surreal LUSH factories, where the Willy Wonka of soap is reinventing cosmetics


lush factory


Set behind a leafy row of trees in Vancouver, Canada, there's an unassuming factory that produces strange products with names like bubble bars and bath bombs.


For the past 20 years, this is where the cosmetics company LUSH has lived, producing millions of sweet-smelling soaps, jellies, rubs, bars, and bombs that have gotten people rethinking personal hygiene.

LUSH fans - "LUSHies," as they're known - clamor for these products. They Instagram their tie-dye bathwater and share tips about which products are best for certain types of skin and hair. It's a cultish fan base that has led to enormous growth for LUSH, which is on pace to produce 41.5 million products by the end of 2016 - 10 million more than the year before.

Business Insider recently spoke with Dan Dresser, one of LUSH's head manufacturers, to learn how the Willy Wonka of soap is reinventing bath time.