Best air fryer under ₹5000

Best air fryer under ₹5000
An air fryer is a convection oven that you can use to roast, bake, grill and fry dishes by using little to no oil. The best air fryer circulates hot air at high speeds to produce crisp fried dishes. You can enjoy several delicious meals, stay healthy and cut down on your calories and not taste. You can cook several mouth-watering dishes in a healthy and non-oily way. French fries, grilled chicken and nuggets, who doesn’t love to eat all this? Everyone wants to savour the delicious tastes of these crispy foods on a daily basis. So be the cooking star of your family gatherings by serving a variety of meals without worrying if the oil will affect your health. Here is a list of the best air fryers under ₹5000.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

We look for the functions and specifications of each air fryer. We consider functions like timer option, capacity, temperature settings, light indicator and more. While listing, we look for the operation and efficiency of the fryer. Apart from features and functions, we consider price, user ratings and reviews.

Things to look for while buying
With various options available online from different brands, choosing the one that suits your requirement and budget is important. While buying, one should look for the features like capacity, power consumption, temperature control setting, operation noise and wattage.
Air FryerSpecial Feature Capacity Product Link
Inalsa Air Fryer - LightManual4.2 LitresBuy On
Lifelong LLHF421 Fryo Air FryerTemperature Control4.5 litresBuy On
Inalsa Air Fryer 4L Nutri FryTemperature Control4 LitresBuy On
AmazonBasics 1300W 3.5L Air FryerTemperature Control3.5 LitresBuy On
SToK 2.6L 1350W Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology Air FryerRoast, Grill, Bake2.6 LitresBuy On
Inalsa Air Fryer Digital 2.4L Crispy FryTemperature Control2.4 LitresBuy On

Inalsa Air Fryer – Light

Best air fryer under ₹5000
This air fryer is a great choice for people who want to quickly subside their hunger as it heats up in just 2-3 minutes. The dimensions of the product are 29D x 36.5W x 32H centimetres and have ABS body material. You can roast, broil, steam and reheat the food using this air fryer. By clicking the release button, you can easily detach the food basket to clean it or serve the meal. Keeping safety measures in mind, the air fryer automatically switches off when the basket is removed. To protect from sudden overloads, it has overheat protection. This air fryer comes in a colour combination of black and grey.
Temperature control settingBit heavy
Easy cleaning

Lifelong LLHF421 Fryo Air Fryer

Best air fryer under ₹5000
To end your midnight cravings, Lifelong brings you an air fryer that cooks food with little or no oil. By using this air fryer, you can bake, roast, grill and air-fry different dishes of your choice. You can set the temperature manually – according to the dish you are making- from 180 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius as per your preference. The body of the air fryer is made of plastic in black colour and has dimensions of 28D x 33Wx 37H centimetres. The adjustable temperature function makes it convenient for you to cook according to your requirement.

Oil-free fryer
Easy operation

Inalsa Air Fryer 4L Nutri fry

Best air fryer under ₹5000
This Inalsa Air Fryer comes in an attractive sleek black colour with a metal body. It provides you with 7 cooking references – drumsticks, baking, frozen fries, steak, french fries, fish and roasting. You can control the temperature and choose from 40 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius. It is lighter in weight – being 4800 grams – as compared to other air fryers. The dimensions of the air fryer are 27.8D x 36W x 33H centimetres. You can easily cook a yummy meal for the whole family with this air fryer of 4 litres. This air fryer lets you cook crispy, crunchy and delicious meals with zero oil and zero compromises.

Healthy cooking
Food grade and non-stick material

AmazonBasics 1300W 3.5L Air Fryer

Best air fryer under ₹5000
This easy-to-use air fryer has a smooth black finish and a body made up of plastic and metal. 26D x 34.9W x 30.7H centimetres are the dimensions of this product. This air fryer is ideal for grilling, air frying, roasting and baking. It offers you 8 pre-setting options, which are – defrost, meat, fish, cake, chicken legs, french fries, prawn and chicken wings. It has an indicator to tell you that the cooking has started and reached the desired temperature. In aspects of safety, the air fryer is tested in international labs following international protocols. It is installed with a thermostat to automatically shut off the air fryer in an hour to escape overheating and the cables are BIS-certified.

Different temperature and timer knobsPrice
Safety features

Inalsa Air Fryer Digital 2.4L Crispy Fry

Best air fryer under ₹5000
This Inalsa Air Fryer Crispy Fryer comes in 2 variants – Digital and Manual. It holds a capacity of 2.4 litres and has dimensions as 27.3L x 27.3W x 31.5H centimetres. This shiny black air fryer is made up of plastic material and weighs just 2600 grams. You can roast, broil, steam and reheat this product. It is very easy to use as it offers you 8 pre-set menus, which are – chicken, steak, bread, fish, french fries, cake, shrimp and preheat. Its 360-degree heat circulation technology cooks the dish crispy outside and moist inside. You can cook any dish that you wish to eat using no oil. You will also receive a 1-year warranty card on the date of purchase. The digital display on the air fryer lets you choose functions easily.

8-reset menu for easy cooking
Touch operation

Stok 2.6L Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology Air Fryer

Best air fryer under ₹5000
This compact air fryer doesn’t come in your usual black but in red colour. Its dimensions are 28L x 28W x 32H centimetres and are made up of BPA-free plastic and steel. It weighs 5260 grams and can be handled with ease. The air fryer is equipped with an indicator and has a timer for up to 30 minutes. It consists of a non-stick coating basket and a double-layered metal grill to roast or bake healthy foods. You can roast, bake and grill tasty meals with almost no use of oil. There will not be any barrier between you and your favourite food. It features an indication bell that notifies you when the cooking is done.

Cooking timerPower consumption
Detachable basket and pan

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