Best artificial nails with nail art in India

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
Artificial nails are all the rage these days! From rockstars and actresses to celebrities and reality stars, artificial nails seem to have taken over the manicure world. Artificial nails aren’t just trendy, they have a number of benefits.
With false nails, you don’t have to worry about the length or shape because they already look picture perfect. Plus, they also give you the freedom to experiment and play with your manicure without harming your real nails.
So if you have been on the lookout for getting the artificial nail manicure done, or have been wanting to experiment yourself, we’ve curated a list of all the top artificial nail sets, with nail art and more.

Store2508 Acrylic Artificial Nails

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
The Store2508 Acrylic Artificial Nail set is a great deal that comes at a super reasonable price point. The store2508 combo comes with a 100 Pieces high-quality acrylic artificial nails set, a nail glue bottle and 6 double-sided nail buffers. The nail set is offered in 10 different sizes and looks as good as real. This combo is sure to help you achieve nails that can be flaunted without any worries. Plus you can DIY and avoid having to pay an arm and leg’s worth for the coveted nail extension. Acrylic artificial nails with nail glue, and double sided nail buffers.

Beautristro Artificial Nails Set

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
The Beautristro Artificial Nail Set comes with 100 false acrylic nails, and 3 gm nail glue. The artificial nails are made with high-quality, durable ABS plastic, and come in 10 sizes as well. The tips come in regular size 0-9 and are suitable for acrylic or fibre glass applications. The nail quality is superior and the high-quality ABS allows for a natural, light, breathable and easy to carry look. The quality also ensures that your real nails don’t have to endure pressure, or deal with an awkward fit. The nail set is made to last, so you won’t have to worry about spoiling your manicure easily, even through wear and tear. It is set of 100 artificial reusable acrylic nails in 10 different sizes with nail glue.

Tomicca Artificial Nails

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
The Tomicca artificial nail set comes with 500 artificial nail tips, available in 10 different sizes. The nail tips have been made in the ‘Coffin Design’, and offer a clean, natural, streakless look. Tomicca false nails allow full coverage and give you the freedom to experiment with your favourite nail art. The nail set best works with gel nail polish and is a safe bet for at-home nail extension manicures and DIYs. The nail set does not come with its own nail glue, however, it can be used with the most readily available nail glues. 500 artificial nails made with odorless, non-toxic ABS material.

Belicia Coffin Manicure Nail Kit

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
The Belicia Coffin Manicure kit comes with a set of 100 acrylic nails that come in a set of 10 sizes 0-9, with 10 pieces in each set. The Belicia artificial nail kit offers Coffin Manicure nails. The kit includes clear tip nails made with high-quality material, which is thick and sturdy enough to last about 2-3 weeks. This allows you to experiment with the nail art you desire and enjoy the promise of durability. The nails provided are light, breathable, and yet strong enough to withstand wear without flattening. 100 piece artificial nails with full coverage in 10 sizes, easy to trim and paint.

Newlly French Acrylic False Nails

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
The Newlly French Acrylic False Nails come in a set of 100 pieces in the standard 0-9 size, and 10 pieces per size. Made with clear acrylic material the nails are durable and long-lasting. The kit is a great one for beginners who’re looking to learn before they start experimenting with other types of nail extensions. The acrylic material allows for an easy trimming and buffing experience, so you can shape the square tip nails into your favourite shape. Meaning, you can play with shapes, colours and nail art without worrying about damaging your real nails. 100 pieces false nails made with acrylic material for professional and personal use.

Club Beauty Fake Acrylic Nails

Best artificial nails with nail art in India
Freshen up your manicure with the Club Beauty Fake Acrylic Nail set which comes in 100 pieces and different sizes. The kit is offered with nail glue which is strong and durable. The nails are suitable for experimentation; you can easily DIY your personalized nail art with the Club Beauty Nail set. The nail set looks natural and almost indistinguishable from your real nails. They carry a natural look with a perfect thickness and a preferable squarish tip. 100 piece artificial nail kit with 10 nail sizes and easy application nail glue.

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