Best baby cradles in India

Best baby cradles in India
Parents will agree that rocking a baby to sleep is what takes up most of their time. While it’s beautiful to carry your baby and put them to sleep, you also don’t want them to get used to being carried all the time. A cradle does the trick of rocking them and providing self-soothing comfort. Here’s a list of some of the best cradles that will help your baby sleep well.

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Best baby cradles in India
This baby cradle is ideal if you want to take it with you while travelling. It comes in a compact case that is easy to carry and will fit in your car. You can assemble it outdoors when you’re at a picnic or on vacation. Made from stainless steel, it will not rust. It is durable, resilient, and has rubber stoppers that fix it firmly on the ground. Soft, strong cloth to keep the baby, and has a durable carry bag

Little Chime - Baby Cradle Metal Hanger

Best baby cradles in India
If you don’t want a cradle taking up space on the floor, this is your best option. The Little Chime’s baby cradle metal hanger can be attached to almost any window. It comes with a spring hanger and a hanger to carry the cradle. There is a soft cloth that is strong and clean for you will keep the baby, and a mosquito net in case you need it. Available with or without the cloth, can sustain 20kgs, premium quality material used, and is portable.

Multipro – Baby Cradle

Best baby cradles in India
Here is another cradle set that is portable, and ideal for vacations. Made from good quality stainless steel, it will not corrode or deteriorate in quality. You can assemble it in the house, in the backyard, and when on holiday, and it will remain firm on the ground. Once it is detached and put in the carry bag, it becomes a compact package that’s easy to carry, load in the car or take on a flight. Soft cloth with a playful design, premium quality parts, easy to clean and maintain.

Baybee - Baby Cradle Metal Hanger

Best baby cradles in India
Another trusted brand that brings you a metal hanger that will hold the baby cradle. It is sturdy, has a smooth finish, and can be attached to any grill window. This cradle hanger can hold up to 15kgs of weight, and so is ideal for a baby. It isn’t very difficult to install, and the set includes the window hanger, spring hanger, cradle hanger and baby cloth with mosquito net. Easily detachable, conforms to European standards, and will not cause allergy of any kind.

Fisher-Price – Baby Rocker

Best baby cradles in India
For nine decades, Fisher-Price has been making parents happy all over the globe with their top-quality baby products. This rocker serves as a multipurpose rocker. You can use it when your child is an infant right up until they turn 3 years old or so. It can be a rocker and it can be adjusted to be a stationary chair as well. There’s a toy bar with a few bat-at toys that will entertain the child. To calm the baby further, there’s a button for calming vibrations. Toy bar is removable, seat can be adjusted, and the seat pad can be removed and machine washed.

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