Best card games for kids and adults in India

Best card games for kids and adults in India
No matter what video game or online game becomes the trend, card games have always been the most played games together with both adults and kids. While they’re more engaging and involve physical presence, it also doesn’t need internet or power to play (unlike most things these days). There are various card games based on different concepts available online. Whether played in traditional times or today's modern times, card games have always kept people engaged. Suitable to be played with different age groups, these games not only create a fun atmosphere but also help to bond with each other.
Choosing the one that suits your interest from too many options is not an easy task. So, to ease down your research, we have listed some of the best card games available on Amazon.

Mattel Uno Playing Card Game

Best card games for kids and adults in India
This popular card game of UNO can be a perfect choice as it can keep you engaged for multiple hours. It comes in two decks of coloured number cards with additional wild cards to make the game more interesting and set the rules your way. It lets you create your own rules with the wild cards and turn the tables around to your side.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Best card games for kids and adults in India
Suitable to be played with family and kids, this card game of Monopoly makes you go all into deals, rents and selling your properties. It has fast play and can end in just 15 minutes. So, if you are good at making deals, then this game is a perfect choice for you. This game requires three property card sets to win.

Royals Unique Black Plastic Deck Poker Playing Card

Best card games for kids and adults in India
This poker playing card set from Royals keeps you engaged with your family and friends. It comes with a deck of 54 cards made of waterproof PVC material. The black colour of the cards makes them look classic. The cards are easy to shuffle and clean. The standard size of the cards makes them convenient to store and carry.

Mattel Reinhards Staupe's Blink

Best card games for kids and adults in India
With a 4.5-star rating, this Blink card game from Mattel is a fast-playing card game. Keep all your attention and do anything but blink. Play all your cards by matching the shape, count, or colour and be a winner of this lightning-fast game. It comes with easy to match symbols and goes on at a fast pace.

Skillmatics Card Game: Train of Thought

Best card games for kids and adults in India
Charge up your thinking and imaginative skills with this Skillmatics card game- Train of Thought. Ideal for 2-6 players, it keeps you engaged with its fun challenges and exciting questions. Suitable to play anywhere anytime, it is easy to carry and store. It tests your skills and lets you learn about yourself. It comes with 110 question cards, 20 wild cards, 20 action cards to test your skills.

BINCA Fletter Card Game

Best card games for kids and adults in India
This Binca fletter card game is a fast paced game. Easy to play, you only have to make words from letters placed before you and be sure that no one catches your speed and bluff. It comes with 2 decks of a total of 100 cards, 10 flettered cards and a rule sheet. This game requires attention so that you can quickly spot a word.

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