Best electric rice cookers in India

Best electric rice cookers in India
Rice is a staple food in most of the cuisines and cooking rice perfectly while retaining its suppleness and aroma is an art! Looking for an option that cooks rice quickly without much supervision?

Well, electric rice cookers is the answer! Traditional steam pots or pressure cookers are passee for people living hectic lives or for amateur cooks. An easy, instant and simple way to cook rice is the electric rice cooker that is smart, savvy and stylish.

With automatic and programmable settings, uniformly cooked rice that is non-sticky and delicious comes easy! And not just rice, you can also steam veggies, make soups, instant noodles, oatmeal and loads more with these smart cookers.

When buying an electric rice cooker, factors such as capacity & size, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, energy consumption, and automatic shut off features should be considered for an informed decision. Listing for you our top picks of electric rice cookers that make cooking simple, time-saving and hassle-free.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker, 1L

Best electric rice cookers in India
This electric rice cooker from Pigeon has a sturdy build and requires a power of 400-watt for operation. To keep you safe and ensure comfortable holding, it is designed with a stainless steel cool-touch handle. It comes with an indicator that helps to monitor warm and cook functions. The aluminium cooking plate provides uniform and efficient heating for effective cooking. Also, it keeps the food warm for up to 5 hours after switching off. The 1L capacity makes it suitable to cook for 3-4 members at a time.

Usha Automatic Rice Cooker, 1L

Best electric rice cookers in India
This easy to use electric rice cooker from Usha can be a great option to consider. Its 1-litre capacity makes it suitable to cook enough rice for a family. It comes with a heavy glass lid that ensures better heat retention and provides resistance against breakage. It has a single-touch automatic cooking operation. Also, to ensure easy carrying and firm grip, the cooker comes with a cool-touch handle. The transparent glass lid provides the comfort of viewing.

Prestige Delight PRWO 1-Litre Electric Rice Cooker (White)

Best electric rice cookers in India
Cook not just rice, but instant noodles, soup or porridge in this smart electric multi-cooker. With 2 indicators - Cook & Warm, its automatic cooking shifts to ‘Warm’ mode after the rice is cooked. In this mode, the cooked rice is kept moist and warm for up to 4 hours. This compact cooker can cook upto 400 grams of rice, thus, is perfect for a small family. The close fid lid, detachable rod and cool touch handles make cooking convenient and quick. Good to look and with great features, it uses 230V voltage and 500 W power. Small Capacity Makes it Ideal for a Small Family

Orient Automatic Rice Cooker, 1L

Best electric rice cookers in India
This power-packed electric cooker from Orient comes with an automatic cooking function to ensure quick and easy cooking. The anodized aluminium cooking container provides uniform heat for effective cooking. It is easy to carry with its strong and heat-resistant side handles. It uses 660W electricity and offers auto-cut operation to prevent burning. Also, it comes with an LED indicator to keep you updated with the cooking status. The auto-cut off feature ensures safety and helps save electricity.

Sheffield Classic 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker 1.1 L(Boil, Grill, Fry) 800W, 10-inches, Orange

Best electric rice cookers in India
Functional and smart, this electric cooker has a capacity of 1.1 litres which makes it excellent for small families. Presentable in looks, this bright orange multi-purpose cooker comes with a tempered glass metastable lid, a non-stick coating of detachable pans and pots and has a thermostat for multiple temperature control. With a power wattage of 800, its consistent heat distribution and superior heat retention makes it suitable for boiling, grilling and frying as well. Various pots and pans can be used to cook on this electric cooker. Its compact design makes it ideal for small families, student dorms as well as for camping or traveling. Smart & Stylish 3-in-1 Aluminium Multi Cooker

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