Best hand blenders in India in 2021

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
A hand blender gives a convenient option to whisk eggs, cream, coffee and batters, etc. The non-electrical hand blenders are easy to use and save energy while delivering well-blended mixtures. To help you buy the best hand blender in India, here are the best options available on Amazon.

SPECTER Non-Electric Hand Blender

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
The Specter hand blender is made of 100% stainless steel wire blade and ABS plastic body. It has features that make blending easy without the use of electrical power. You can easily operate it with your hands, making it suitable for beating cream or eggs, churning lassi or milkshake and liquidizing tomato soup or dal. The Specter Hand Blender is easy to clean and come with an easy to grip gear system that makes it easy to blend without electrical power.

NEXT ANGLE STOREMART Stainless Steel Hand Blender

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
This Next Angle Storemart hand blender is a multipurpose mixer that can be used to beat, liquidize or churn food items. It claims to be perfect for eggs, whipped cream and light batters. It features a rotating gear system for the smooth function of the blender. It has a user-friendly design that works effectively. The Next Angle Storemart is easy to store and carry due to its ergonomic design.

DHYANEXA Power Free Hand Blender

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
The Dhyanexa Hand Blender features a wavy blade mechanism that is made with stainless steel. The body is made of durable ABS plastic and the blade works effectively on hot fluids. You can clean the blender easily and it is convenient to store. The hand blender features dual grinders and can be easily gripped using a comfortable handle. The Dhyanexa Hand Blender is a durable product made with high-quality material.

GOBS Power-Free Manual Hand Blender

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
The GOBS Hand Blender can be used for multiple functions that range from beating eggs to churning milkshakes. GOBS claims that while you are blending the batter with this blender, it gives you exercise for your fingers. The blade is made with 100% stainless steel and poly plastic material that provides durability. The GOBS hand blender comes at a low price and is a convenient product for the kitchen.

Metroplus Stainless Steel Non-Electrical Hand Blender

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
The Metroplus hand blender comes with extra durable 100% stainless steel blades and an ABS plastic body. It is convenient to use and easy to clean. The hand blender has multi-purpose usage that ranges from churning lassi or milkshake to beating eggs and cream. The Metroplus Hand Blender features a heavy-duty gear system that blends your batter effectively.

Vaishno Hand Blender

Best hand blenders in India in 2021
The Vaishno Hand Blender is a useful product for the kitchen that helps you blend any batter without the use of electrical power. The durable blades can withstand regular usage. The body is made of ABS plastic that makes the product highly durable. It can be used to beat cream and eggs. The Vaishno Hand Blender provides high-speed operation and features a heavy-duty gear system.

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