Best high speed blenders in India

Best high speed blenders in India
The Indian kitchen is becoming more and more modern each day. These days, gadgets have become a vital part of how a kitchen functions. These gadgets help make things easier, and save time. In fact, you can just leave the gizmos to their devices while you just go and relax. One of the best such kitchen gadgets happens to be a high speed blender. With this, you can make anything from smoothies, shakes, pastes, chutneys, purees, spice mixtures and lots more with a simple touch of a button. So, to help you out in the kitchen, here are some of the best high speed blenders available on Amazon.

Balzano High Speed Nutri Blender/Mixer/Smoothie Maker

Best high speed blenders in India
Here’s a highly effective speed blender that’s bound to make things easier in the kitchen. It sports an expertly designed system which lets you effortlessly mix and grind the toughest ingredients in Indian cooking. Not just that, it can handle both wet and dry ingredients- from turmeric and coconut to idli batter, purees and more. Powering the high speed blender is a 1200 watt motor which is an expert at grinding ingredients and blending them. To make matters easy, it features a simple 3 program function. It comes with 3 jars of different sizes, and also features a durable locking mechanism. It is very easy to use and one of the most versatile blenders on the market. It’s going to make things a lot easier in the kitchen.

NutriBullet High Speed Blender

Best high speed blenders in India
This is quite a versatile high speed blender for the Indian kitchen. It has a 6-blade extractor for wet grinding and making smoothies, chutneys or a puree. There is also a 3-blade extractor for dry grinding of coconuts, spices, herbs and more which can result in tasty and freshly made masalas. Furthermore, there are 4 cups which you can attach, depending on the quantity you want. This makes the entire process of grinding ingredients by yourself a whole lot easier. Perhaps the best part is that it comes with a recipe book, using which you can immediately start making your own fruit smoothies and lots more. It sports a large cooling fan as well as a powerful 90W motor which can churn out smoothies and masalas in no time.

Agaro Nutri Blender with Motor

Best high speed blenders in India
If you like to be efficient in the kitchen, then this one is the right pick for you. It sports a 1000 watt high speed motor which makes short work of wet as well as dry grinding. The wet blades will come handy for making cold coffees, ice cream shakes, smoothies and more, while the dry blades give you freshly churned spices in masala form. Not just that, the dry grinder is very sturdy and the right pick for cracking tough nuts and blending them into your spices. There is a two speed mode as well which lets you adjust the consistency. Thanks to the swappable motors, you can get some really good wet and dry grinding done out of this machine.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Personal Blender

Best high speed blenders in India
Here’s a rather budget friendly blender for all the loners out there. It has a jar just big enough to make smoothies and shakes for one. Not just that, it is portable as well, so if you’re looking to spice up your gym session, carry it along with you and blend on the go! What’s neat is that the top jar can be removed and used as a bottle. Viola! This ingenious blender ensures that as long as you have the ingredients, you can make your shakes wherever you want. For the purpose of wet blending, the 300 watt motor is pretty good, and the sharp 4 blade design makes for the ideal consistency. It is very simple to operate, and is highly portable as well. Get fresh smoothies wherever you are.

Inalsa Home Appliances Mixer Grinder Nutri Blender Vito Blend

Best high speed blenders in India
This high performance blender was designed to last in the average Indian kitchen. It features a sturdy design, high end blades and simple operation. It also comes with jars of two sizes, which can be assigned to different purposes. The blades themselves are fast spinning and 1000 watt powered. Not just that, they are reinforced to ensure that even hard ingredients can be broken up into power or slush form. It features a simple two button operation which minimizes the chances of you screwing something up. All in all, the blender offers great functionality and versatility in what you can make with it. Thanks to its sturdy build quality, you can expect this appliance to be a long term member of your kitchen.

Tecnora Power Blender, 1000W (Black)

Best high speed blenders in India
This is a large capacity blender that’s bound to help you out in the kitchen. It comes with a large, 1 litre tritan material cup for blending massive smoothies and juices that equal a full meal. If you’re in for something smaller, the 500ml cup should be just right. The blending cups also come with 2 Flip-Top-To-Go lids to take your smoothie or juice with you on your commute or to the gym. There are 4 speed modes - including pulse mode and two speeds for effortless ice crushing and blending. Incidentally, the Intellisense Speed mode senses food load and regulates the motor speed cyclically between high and low speed modes for results exactly how you want them. There are two motors included too, one for wet grinding and the other for dry. With its flip to go lids, you can turn the blending cup into a nifty smoothie carrier.

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