Best nail cutter sets in India

Best nail cutter sets in India
Are you looking for a reliable manicure kit to help you get rid of your pesky cuticles and dead skin? Well, you’re in luck!
There’s nothing that spoils a good manicure like harrowed nails, stubborn cuticles, and dead skin. No matter how beautiful nail-paint shade you pick or how intricate the nail-art is, if your hands don’t look clean and groomed, the style would never translate. So if you are on the lookout for a handy manicure or pedicure kit, we’ve curated a list of the best nail cutter sets for kids and adults that can help you achieve smooth and shiny nails for a classy manicure.

Hudabeauty Manicure Pedicure Kit

Best nail cutter sets in India
The professional nail cutter set and a manicure/pedicure combo by “Hudabeauty” comes with 16 stainless steel nail shaping, nail cutting and nail grooming tools. The kit includes nail cutters, nail scissors, cuticle pushers, nail cleaning knives, forceps, and other tools that can be used for your necessary grooming requirements. Another plus is that the kit comes in a handy leather case which helps in easy storage of the kit and makes it a go-to travel accessory. The leather case is also available in assorted colours. This 16-piece nail tool kit comes with a leather travel case in assorted colours.

Beaute Secrets Manicure Set

Best nail cutter sets in India
The Beaute Secrets Manicure Set is a chic 12 in 1 manicure/pedicure nail styling kit. The kit includes nail clippers, nail scissors, peeling knife, acne needle, blackhead tool & other grooming tools. The kit is made of high-grade stainless steel which allows easy sterilization after each use. Another great aspect about the kit is its classic black colour, all tools included in the kit are finished in matte black making the grooming kit rather appealing. The kit also comes enclosed in a black leather travel case for easy storage. Kit includes nail clippers, nail scissors, peeling knife, acne needle, blackhead tool & leather travel case.

Docoss Professional Manicure Set

Best nail cutter sets in India
The Docoss Professional Manicure Set includes 18 distinct tools used for manicures, pedicures, and other facial/body grooming. The kit is made with high-quality stainless steel and comes in an attractive powder pink colour which makes it even more alluring. The kit includes everyday tools such as three different types of nail cutters, nail scissors, acne remover needle, acne bowl, blackhead tool, cleaning knife, cuticle pusher and cutter, among others. This kit also comes enclosed in a good quality leather case in the same powder pink tone. A must buy for those looking for an overall great grooming kit. The set includes nail cutter, scissors, acne remover needle, blackhead tool & leather case.

Hana Manicure Pedicure Set

Best nail cutter sets in India
The Hana manicure and pedicure set comes with 16 tools in the classic silver stainless steel finish. On the more affordable side, this kit also comes with a slew of tools one would require for their everyday grooming needs. Hana Manicure Pedicure Set comes in an assortment of cases for easy storage and has been reviewed graciously. The kit is a recommended option for people looking for something beyond a basic nail cutter set but at an affordable price point. 16 Piece set including nail clippers, nail scissors & other grooming tools with leather case.

Foolzy Manicure Pedicure Kit<br>

Best nail cutter sets in India
The Foolzy 12-in-one manicure pedicure kit comes with a stylish brown case to protect the sharp tools. The case is secured with a snap closure and is easy to access. The tools are made with high-quality steel, are sturdy, and are built to last. The kit includes all necessary tools such as toenail clipper, diagonal clipper, ear pick, single-edged double-sided push stick, eyebrow tweezer and much more. This is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward grooming kit without any frills. This 12 metal tool Kit for manicure and Pedicure is convenient to carry while travelling.

Urbanmac Professional Manicure Pedicure Set

Best nail cutter sets in India
Another great nail care tool set, the URBANMAC Professional Manicure Pedicure Set is a budget-friendly pick. The kit comes enclosed in an easy to store- easy to access leather case, in an assortment of colours and includes 16 stainless steel grooming tools. The nail care kit includes all your basic tools and some added extras to help you achieve a professional manicure. The kit is highly reviewed and is pretty straightforward. The tools are of good quality, especially considering the given price point! This 16-piece stainless steel tool set includes nail clippers, nail scissors, & others with leather case.

These are some of our recommendations for top listed manicure and pedicure kits available on Amazon. So go ahead, order your favourite one and get a manicure that beats your parlour wali aunty’s handiwork.

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