Best oil heaters in India

Best oil heaters in India
Having a heater at your home in those chilly days is what people require the most. If you are looking for a room heater that is energy efficient and provides long-lasting heat to keep you warm and cozy, then you have landed in the right place.
Oil heaters work on less noise and provide instant heat to help you provide warmth. Filled with oil, the heaters are heavy in weight and hence come with rolling wheels to ensure convenient movement. Unlike normal heaters, oil heaters are more environment friendly.
To help you select the best oil heaters, below is a list of some of the best options from Amazon.

Havells OFR-11 Fin

Best oil heaters in India
If you are looking for an oil heater that is effective and efficient, then this heater from Havells is the right option to consider. It comes with a thermostatic heat control option that lets you adjust the temperature according to your comfort. With the three power settings- 1000-watt, 1500-watt and 2500-watt, you can save energy. It has an 11-fin design and distributes heat in multi-direction. The overheat protection and tilt switch provide extra safety. It prevents dryness and helps you breathe comfortably.

Morphy Richards OFR-9 Fin

Best oil heaters in India
With a 4-star rating on Amazon and various features offered by Morphy Richards, this oil heater can be considered a great heater. It works on the 2000-watt power motor for faster heating. The 9-fins design ensures the distribution of heat to the whole room. For easy mobility, it comes with castor wheels. Also, you can adjust the temperature according to your requirement with the adjustable thermostat. The fins easily spread the heat to all corners.

Bajaj OFR- 9 Fin

Best oil heaters in India
This oil heater from Bajaj circulates heat to every corner of the room and works on a 2000-watt power. The quadra safety feature that is thermostat, manual thermal cut-out, auto thermal shut-off and tilt switch, prevents overheating. For faster heating, it comes with a 400-watt PTC ceramic fan. Also, it has a noiseless operation. The blank and golden colour design should make it look attractive.

Usha Oil Filled Radiator

Best oil heaters in India
This uniquely designed oil heater from Usha comes with wave shaped fins to provide better heating. The adjustable thermostat option lets you adjust the temperature according to your requirement and comfort. The PTC heating element 400-watt fan ensures fast heating to keep you warm. Also, the castor wheels and recess handle make it convenient to move. The fins are resistant to rust.

Kenstar Oil Filled Radiator-11 Fins

Best oil heaters in India
Equipped with large surface fins, this oil heater from Kenstar distributes heat faster to provide coziness. To ensure a comfortable and warm environment, it comes with high grade oil to offer better and long-lasting heating efficiency. It consumes 2900-watt power and has an adjustable heat control feature. The castor wheels make sure that it is comfortable and convenient to move. It lets you adjust temperature easily with its control feature.

Delonghi Oil Heater-9 Fin

Best oil heaters in India
This oil heater from Delonghi comes with a 9-fin design and works on a 900-watt power motor. The convection heating mode completely makes the room warm and cozy. Safe to use, it prevents overheating. Also, the rolling wheels below the heater make it convenient to move. To provide coziness, it warms up the room quickly.

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