Best room heaters in India

Best room heaters in India
During the winters, it isn’t entirely viable to sit indoors with several layers of clothing. For the winters, you should invest in a room heater which gets the task done and doesn’t cost a whole lot either. Budget friendly heaters offer great features which are more or less ideal for everyday home usage. For the winters, you can either go with a blower or a heater. They are both very good at heating up rooms of various sizes, so here are some of the budget room heaters for ambient heating.

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

Best room heaters in India
Here’s a portable blower heater which is sure to warm up your room even in the most chilly conditions. It comes with two control knobs, one of which controls the temperature while the other controls the fan speed. Using the dials, you can even set it to fan- only mode. What’s neat is that you can set it in a room and leave it there to return to a perfectly warm room. Thanks to the nifty carry handle, you can take it around to various rooms of your house. It has a good set of safety features and 2000W operation. It is quite portable as well.

Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Radiant Room Heater

Best room heaters in India
This single rod heater from Bajaj is ideal for chilly days. The heater is perfect for small to medium sized rooms. It uses 1000W of power, which is more than what most heaters can support, meaning it can more effectively heat up rooms. It can be placed in the corner of a room, as it is very good at heating rooms. For safety, it has a mesh grille which keeps the heat source away. Not just that, it is rather compact too, which means you can take it around with you on short trips and around the house. The heater is ideal for medium to small rooms as it has a very powerful 1000W heating rod.

Sunflame 400W-800W Quartz Heater

Best room heaters in India
Here’s a dual rod heater which lets you pick how hot you want your room to get. If it's an especially cold day, you can make use of the dual heating rod function which uses 800W of power. On other days, you can usually get away with using just one rod, which is quite effective at what it does. Not just that, it uses just 400W of energy on single rod mode, which helps conserve energy. Thanks to the carry handle at the back, you can place it wherever you want. It has a dual rod design which lets you set how much heat you want.

Crompton Insta Comfy 800-Watt Room Heater

Best room heaters in India
This is quite a value for money offering from Crompton which comes with dual heating rods. Using a dial at the bottom, you can set the number of active rods. Using just one is ideal for personal use, and it uses less energy too. If you’re in a larger room, or with more people, switch on the second rod too to ensure optimal warmth. To ensure safe usage, it comes with a safety grille at the front and a hard plastic anti-heating body. There’s an auto off feature if the heater is lifted from the ground. With a maximum of 800W power, it can easily heat up your room.

Morphy Richards Orbit 2000-Watt PTC Room Heater

Best room heaters in India
Here’s a high power room blower heater. It comes with a modern design and 2000W of power which can heat a room up to 250 sq feet. With help from the dual dials, you can set temperatures, fan speed and heating modes. There is a low heat mode as well as a high heat mode, and you can even run it in the fan mode which blows out cool air for damp days. It also features overheat protection as well as a front grille which cuts down on the risk of burning. It has a modern design, safety features and power to heat up medium sized rooms.

Usha Quartz Room Heater Halogen Room Heater

Best room heaters in India
This halogen rod heater offers long term use and easy control over the amount of heat generated. It is built with sturdy plastics and metals which not only make it safe and heat proof, but also robust for long term use. This should be able to last you a couple of years before giving out. There’s a dial using which you can switch on and set the number of active heating rods. There is also an LED indicator which lights up to let you know when the appliance is in use. This halogen room heater is built for long term use.

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