Best spray bottles to store liquids

Best spray bottles to store liquids
Whether it's for house plants or for cleaning the house, a spray bottle is always useful. Instead of using a water bottle or pipe that will cause a mess in the house, the spray bottle is a much better option. And with plants now being a part of indoor home decor, it's important to have an effective spray bottle that will not spill water all over the floor. We've curated a list of some durable and aesthetic spray bottles for you. Here's a look

Harrods Empty Spray Bottle

Best spray bottles to store liquids
This set of 3 spray bottles from Harrods comes with a 250ml capacity each. These can be considered a suitable option to store liquids as it prevents leakage and has a durable design. These spray bottles are chemical-resistant and hence can store harsh chemicals in them. The bottles ensure a comfortable grip and provide multipurpose use. The heavy-duty material and durable design should make these bottles stay for a long time.

KWEL Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

Best spray bottles to store liquids
Perfect for a home garden, this 2-litre bottle has got a non-slip handle that makes it easy to use. There's an adjustable nozzle, pressure release valve, and a pressurized pump that allows you to have a mist flow or jet flow. The high-quality plastic makes it a long-lasting product so you can even use it to spray pesticides in your garden To ensure a firm grip, it has a non-slip handle.

Kisan Kraft Spray

Best spray bottles to store liquids
This 1-litre sprayer is another good option for your indoor and outdoor plants. You can put in the pesticide liquid or water and pump the pressure release valve around 30 times. You can then adjust the nozzle depending on whether you want a misty flow or the pressure jet. It features an easy to adjust nozzle.

Klassic KL-100 Premium Quality Plastic Watering Can

Best spray bottles to store liquids
The good old-fashioned watering can is still preferred by many today. This one is easy to use and will not spill all over the place. It will shower your plants with sprinkled water, evenly watering the entire plant. This product is available in 3 sizes, namely 5-litre, 1.8-litre, and 1-litre. It's made from high-quality plastic and is very durable. It prevents spillage of the liquid.

ECO365 Garden Sprayer

Best spray bottles to store liquids
This is a combo pack of the heavy duty sprayer and the multipurpose sprayer. The heavy duty one is 2.2-litres and the multipurpose one is 1-litre. Made from high-grade plastic, they've got anti-slip handles and will not break or wear off soon. You can control the pressure by adjusting the nozzle. The ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable grip.

Kraft Seeds Garden Pressure Spray Pump

Best spray bottles to store liquids
A metal spout with a plastic bottle and spray handle, this one looks classy, is a great size, and can be used on your plants or even to clean windows or the kitchen counter. It's easy to clean and has an ergonomic handle. It comes with an easy to lock mechanism.

Harsh Pet Store Spray Bottle

Best spray bottles to store liquids
There are 2 bottles in this pack. You can choose from a sprayer, lotion bottle, and mist spray bottle; all combinations are available. They are 350 ml bottles that are perfect for indoor plants or to use to fill pesticides or home cleaning products. Since it's a small, pocket-friendly size, you can even fill sanitizer in it to use on-the-go. Made from BPA-free material, this spray bottle is environment friendly, reusable and recyclable.

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