Best story books for kids in India

Best story books for kids in India
Storybooks are the best way to engage children and impart knowledge. A good book can get the message through better than a verbal conversation. Everything from vocabulary, grammar, language, articulation, expression, creativity to important life values can be instilled in a child through books. We have compiled a list of some of the best storybooks for your children from Amazon, have a look.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

While creating a buying guide for the best story books we consider factors like genre, book length, storyline and more. We look for books that are recommended for children and are easy to understand. Also, we consider the user ratings.

Things to look for while buying
When buying a storybook, one must look for the genre or type of stories that the book comprises. One should look for a book that is easy to read and fun to read. Also, one should buy a book by reviewing the reviews to make your purchase worthwhile.

Story booksPagesAge recommendedProduct links
Grandma's Bag of Stories: Collection of 20+ Illustrated short stories1766-11 yearsBuy On
Great Stories for Children Paperback2007-11 yearsBuy On
101 Panchatantra Stories with Moral642-8 yearsBuy On
Peppa Pig: Little Library Board book602-4 yearsBuy On
Blossom Moral Story Book 604-7 yearsBuy On
The Best Of Akbar And Birbal Paperback 160Not mentionedBuy On

Grandma's Bag of Stories – Sudha Murthy

Best story books for kids in India
Known for her simplicity and guidance, Sudha Murthy is here to instil some lifelong values in your kids. Grandma’s Bag of Stories is filled with short stories that will teach your kids the morals of friendship, love, harmony, kindness and sharing. Some things never change; one of them being understanding life lessons from grandmothers. In an enjoyable read, Murthy takes you on a journey of what life is all about. Simple, enriching and fun, this book is everything that grandmother tales are about.

Great Stories for Children – Ruskin Bond

Best story books for kids in India
Ruskin Bond has been India’s beloved writer for over six decades now. He definitely knows how to get you invested and hooked on to a novel. Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond is a favourite among customers for almost a decade. Inspired by stories from his own life, your kids will enjoy this collection of stories involving adventures, pets, ghosts and other small joys that make up a perfect childhood. This book takes you on an enchanting journey filled with great memories, life lessons and excitement.

101 Panchatantra Stories

Best story books for kids in India
Being one of the oldest collections of children’s storybooks, Panchatantra is an absolute delight. These Indian fables, with its colourful illustrations and life-lessons have always proven to be a great buy to add to your child’s book collection. It also makes a great gift for children. The stories, usually revolving around the lives of animals, birds and mythological creatures, teaches the values of wisdom, courage, friendship, respect and kindness. Join our furry friends in animal kingdom to learn about bravery, compassion and harmony.

Peppa Pig: Little Library Board book

Best story books for kids in India
Peppa Pig is beloved by all kids. Made famous by the British animated TV series by the same name, Peppa Pig is a lively, friendly and fun pre-school pig that takes on new challenges and activities every day. The book, too, is filled with fun stories, activities and educational learnings that will make reading fun for children. This collection of six mini board books is the perfect addition to your children’s home library. Engaging, educational and enjoyable

Blossom Storybook for Kids

Best story books for kids in India
Another storybook covering fables with morals, the Blossom Storybook for Kids is perfect for kids aged 3 to 8 years. It is a collection of three books where part A is suited for 3-4 year olds, part B is designed for 5-6 year olds and part C is for 7-8 year olds. These short stories are imaginative, valuable, expressive and easy reads for your kids. Further, it is also very light on the wallet. Entertaining and enriching, the blossom storybook collection is a good choice for kids.

The Best of Akbar and Birbal – Rungeen Singh

Best story books for kids in India
The witty Birbal always has a solution to life’s problems. The tales of Akbar and Birbal have been making history for years now. The friendship between the great emperor, Akbar and his faithful advisor, Birbal is one of the best friendships to read about. This classic book written for kids aged 9 to 12 teaches kids how to get through life’s challenges with wisdom, charm and a little bit of creativity. You can’t go wrong with this delightful, pleasant and clever storybook.

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