Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
Doorbells for homes or offices come are available in various sizes, colours, tunes and features. However, there are majorly 2 types of doorbells - wired and wireless. Simply put, wired doorbells are hard-wired into your home electrical system and have a switch located in a button device. On the other hand, wireless door bells use radio waves to connect a transmitter switch to the chime and have a transmitter unit inside the button mechanism. To help you choose the best wired or wireless doorbells, read on the post below.

How we do our research

Our ranking criteria

We list products according to their features and specifications. We consider those products that can bring use to your lives. Durability, frequency, material and type are some of the features that we focused on. Also, we consider reviews as a part of our criteria.

Things to look for while buying

When buying a doorbell, whether it may be wireless or wired, one must look for its frequency and sound levels. Also, one should look for durable and weather-resistant material to ensure long-lasting usage.
Door bellFeaturesTypeProduct link
Wireless Doorbell, Himster56 stereo chimesWirelessBuy On
AVANTEK Mini Wireless DoorbellLED indicatorWirelessBuy On
GM Modular 4008-Strio Stereophonic DoorbellClear soundWiredBuy On
Press Fit DoorbellVolume controlWirelessBuy On
Qubo Smart WiFi Video DoorbellNight visionWirelessBuy On
Anchor by Panasonic Ding Dong Door BellEasy installationWiredBuy On
amiciSmart Doorbell32 tunesWirelessBuy On
Stanchev DoorbellAdjustable volumeWirelessBuy On
GM Modular Prime DoorbellDigital soundWiredBuy On
Smart Anchor Capton Ding DongbellSimple designWiredBuy On

Wireless Doorbell, Himster<br>

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
This doorbell from Himster is designed to offer a wireless range of up to 300m. The IP55 protection makes the doorbell a suitable option to withstand dust and water. It features 56 stereo chime sounds and has an adjustable volume level to suit your requirement. You can also mute the doorbell. The bell is easy to install and comes with an LED indicator.
Good sound quality
Wide wireless range

AVANTEK Mini Wireless Waterpoof Doorbell Chime Operating at 1000 Feet with 52 Melodies, 5 Vol Levels and LED Flash

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
A huge selection of 52 melodies allows you to easily choose one that suits you. The next and previous buttons allow you to go back and forth when choosing a tune, so you do not have to cycle through the full list again if you accidentally skipped the one you wanted. It has durable and waterproof transmitter. The bell has an ultra long three-year lifespan, saving you the annoyance of changing the bell frequently. The impressive IP55 dust proof and waterproof rating makes the transmitter tough enough to withstand various outdoor environments. And with a working temperature ranging from -4 F to 140 F, the transmitter can work for you in even the harshest weather conditions. Place the transmitter in areas away from metals.

Easy InstallationPrice
Operational radius

GM Modular 4008-Strio Stereophonic Door Bell (Ding Dong),White

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
For as long as one can remember, doorbells made the classic ding-dong sound. Well, this wired doorbell with its stereophonic sound is perfect for the ones who love that nostalgic sound. Simple elegant design, this white bell can be easily installed by yourself or perhaps with a little help from an electrician. With 60HZ frequency, this bell runs on a voltage of 240V and has a 1 year warranty. Usher in your guests at home or office with its soft and pleasant sound. Compact design with the classic ding-dong sound.

High frequency rangeDurability
Easy installation

Press Fit Doorbell

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
A wireless plug-In bell with LED indicator, this bell is ideal for multiple places such as homes, offices, clinics, etc. It offers you 48 different selectable melodies to choose from. You can choose the melody of the bell according to your choice and convenience. The bell is equipped with auto-learning technology and remembers the choices you make. The operating area of the bell is 150 meters. Waterproof doorbell of premium quality.

Auto-Learning Technology

Qubo Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
This smart bell from Qubo features an instant visitor video call function. Powered by a battery, the bell is easy to install and use. It features a 1080P Full HD camera for a clear picture and an intruder alarm system to ensure security. Compatible with Alexa, the bell is suitable to work on voice commands. The bell features 36 unique chime tunes and multiple modes.
Wi-Fi connectivityBit costly
Intruder alarm system

Anchor by Panasonic Ding Dong Door Bell

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
This doorbell from Anchor by Panasonic has a stylish and dual tone design to match home aesthetics. It requires an operating voltage of 240 volts and is powered by 0.5 watts. Also, it has lightweight design and is easy to install. The bell has a soothing ding-dong tone.

Multiple tunes
Exclusive design

amiciSmart Doorbell

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
Another doorbell option is from amiciSmart. Made from high-quality material, this doorbell has a reliable design. The bell is easy to stick with double-sided tape and is easy to install. It features three volume levels and 32 chimes and tunes. Also, it has a memory function that saves the last volume and tune. The bell has a strong signal strength and offers long-distance operation.

Long wireless range
Memory function

GM Modular Prime Door Bell (White)

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
This doorbell from GM Modular is a great product. It has a pleasant sound that feels good to the ears and has a stylish look that adds to your house. The doorbell comes with an aluminum strip which provides a better sound quality. This white coloured doorbell is made up of high quality plastic and is very durable. Budget friendly doorbell with extremely good quality.

Good quality material
Frequency range
Ergonomic design

Stanchev Door Bell Wireless

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
This doorbell from Stanchev is designed to be operational for a range up to 1000ft / 300m in open areas. It features 36 ringtones and chimes with 4 levels of adjustable volume to suit different individuals' requirements. Its modern design and flashing blue LED light indicator give a stylish look when placed outside of the house. Made of high-quality material, the bell is suitable to resist water, dust and different weather conditions. The bell is easy to install and can be used for multi-purposes. The bell is designed to provide durability and long-lasting use.

Pros Cons
LED indicatorCostly
Volume levels

Smart Anchor Capton Ding Dong Bell 240v 50Hz

Best wired and wireless door bell for home in India
Anchor by Panasonic capton ding dong bell is an electric door bell which looks simple and adorns the entrance of your house beautifully. Soothing to ears this door bell would easily let you forget the knock on the doors. Setting it up may require help from an electrician. Made up of plastic & white in colour.

Reasonable priceInstallation
Sound quality

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