INSTANT MBA: Always Asks Potential Leaders These 5 Questions


Today's advice comes from Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, via his post on LinkedIn:


"People want to not only know about our philosophy for cultivating the next generation of leaders but also sometimes the more difficult question of how we differentiate among senior executives. How do you evaluate the talent at the very top of GE, or any other organization?"

Immelt says that he always asks potential talent the following 5 questions:

1. Is the leader self-aware?

2. Is the leader committed to the company/organization; do they drive change?


3. Is the leader a giver or a taker?

4. Is the leader a critical thinker?

5. Lastly, does the leader have a dream for themselves and the company?

"At GE, we view leadership development as integral to our culture and our future. We try to create global leaders, people who can navigate the complexity of our times with clarity, courage and integrity. I believe we have a pretty good track record ... but I also know we don’t have all the answers."

Not having all the answers is exactly the reason why it's important to ask questions.


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