A woman tried to buy a chemical weapon from an undercover FBI agent on the dark web and have it sent to North Dakota

A Winnipeg woman attempted to buy a toxin from the dark web.Associated Press
  • A Winnipeg woman has admitted to attempting to buy a chemical weapon on the dark web.
  • Sijie Liu contacted an undercover FBI employee to buy the material and asked it to be shipped to an address in North Dakota.
  • Liu was sentenced to six years in prison and will be deported to Canada.

A Winnipeg, Canada-based woman reached out to an undercover FBI agent on the dark web and attempted to buy 10 milliliters of an unnamed toxin, an apron, a mask, and gloves, according to court documents viewed by CTV news.

Sijie Liu asked for a chemical weapon to be shipped to a North Dakota address and crossed into the US to pick them up, the station reported. She told a border guard she was going shopping Grand Forks, North Dakota, according to the report.

When Liu arrived at a parcel pick-up business in March 2019 to get the materials, she gave employees a fake name and then loaded six packages into a small flatbed and was arrested on her way out, according to the station.Advertisement

FBI Special Agent Steven Noldin wrote in his report, according to CTV, that Liu told police at the scene "I know what I did was wrong."

It is unclear what kind of chemical weapon Liu had attempted to purchase, or what it was intended for.

She pleaded guilty this month to one count of knowingly attempting to obtain a chemical weapon and was sentenced to six years in prison.

She is currently being held at Cass County Jail in Fargo, North Dakota until she can be transferred to Canada, CBC News reported.