From coins, notes to national anthem, here's how King Charles III will replace Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles III takes over as the British monarch after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and that will lead to a demonetisation in the UK. Here’s everything that will change.

Sep 9, 2022


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UK’s own demonetisation

With King Charles III replacing Queen Elizabeth II as the monarch, new coins and currency notes will be minted and printed after the designs are approved.

Credit: UK House of Lords

First British King in over 70 years

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has given the British monarchy its first King after over 70 years.

Credit: UK House of Lords

What happens to the old coins and notes?

The old coins and notes will be slowly phased out of circulation.

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Will the old coins and notes still be legal?

The old coins and notes featuring Queen Elizabeth II will continue to be legal tender for the time being.

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Will other countries be affected?

Yes, other Commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand will also have to replace the Queen with the new King on their coins and notes.

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New passports will be issued by His Majesty’s Passport Office

Wordings in the new passports will soon be changed from Her Majesty’s Passport Office to His Majesty’s Passport Office.

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It’s no longer God Save the Queen

The national anthem in the UK and New Zealand, and the royal anthem in Australia and Canada will now be God Save the King.

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Stamps will be changed too

The new King will also appear on stamps in the UK and other Commonwealth countries in the near future, once the designs are approved.

Credit: Royal Mail

Other changes

Military medals will be changed. King Charles III will add the letter ‘R’ in his signature – R stands for Rex in Latin, which means King. Post boxes and police helmets could feature the new King’s cypher.

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